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Meet Chris, September's Unlimited Fan of the Month!


Congratulations to our latest Unlimited fan of the month - Chris Williamson! He considers his Unlimited card his "secret weapon when it comes to days out", he books in to see every new film that comes out, and he's known as "The Organiser" in his group of friends. Here's his Unlimited story:

1. Which Cineworld do you consider your local?

Cineworld at the o2 is my regular, closely followed by West India Quay. Even when I'm attending a gig in the main arena I always stop by Cineworld's bar area, it's almost like having a private bar that nobody else knows about! So whilst everyone else is pushing and shoving in the Slug and Lettuce...I'm in a comfy egg chair in Cineworld! 

2. When did you sign up to Cineworld Unlimited?

I signed up in October 2011 - Best. Decision. Ever.

3. What made you decide to sign up to Unlimited?

I was going to the cinema most weeks and funds were getting a little tight, then Cineworld Unlimited came along! It was a no-brainer! I also liked the idea of being able to stop by on my way home from work. Some people think going to the cinema on your own is weird...I think it's great! 

4. Do you have an Unlimited buddy you go to the cinema with?

Yes, my Auntie June and my awesome girlfriend Anna (who I bought an unlimited card for last month for her birthday!) We each take it in turns to pick the next film, and it has become a running joke that Auntie June ALWAYS picks the worst films! 

5.  What’s the first film you saw at the cinema?

Beauty and the Beast (the classic animation version) - and it was Auntie June who took me to see it when I was about 3 years old. Thinking about it, I'd love to count up how many films we've seen together over the years! 

6.  What’s your favourite must-have cinema snack? Do you have a cinema snack hack?

Candy King Pick'n'Mix and a pint of Magners cider - the perfect blend of childhood memories and adulthood!

7.  What’s your absolute favourite part about going to the cinema?

The whole experience is exciting, from meeting friends beforehand for a cheeky Nandos to coming out of the screening and chatting about our opinions of the film all the way home. One of my favourite Cinema stories to tell is about the time I took my friend Jamie (also an unlimited member!) to the cinema when we were about 13, it got to the crop circle bit in M. Night Shyamalan's 'Signs' and Jamie's eyes were as wide as the screen, nails digging into the seat, and he wasn't breathing in! I turned and asked if he was ok, to which he said, "Chris....I'm emotionally involved!"

8.  What’s the most number of films you’ve watched at the cinema in one day/week/month?

3 in a day, 5 in a week, 12 in a month. I've become an absolute pro at working out the end times of the first film and the start times of the next. A proud achievement on anyone's CV!

9.  What do you love most about being an Unlimited member?

The freedom it gives you to see absolutely anything and everything! You find some awesome films that you would have usually missed with an Unlimited card. The Unlimited screenings are always pretty special too, you know that everyone in the screening with you is a hardcore film fan and the atmosphere is always electric. The Unlimited Screening of Kingsman was incredible, I've never been to any other cinema where everybody was laughing out loud as much as that!  


Thanks for sharing, Chris! Think YOU should be our next Unlimited Fan of the Month? Then remember to shout about being part of the Cineworld Unlimited club on Twitter and Instagram with the #CineworldUnlimited hashtag for your chance to be next! 

Not yet part of Unlimited but Chris has convinced you to sign up? Click here to join Unlimited