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Meet Mike, May's Unlimited Fan of the Month!


We're delighted to announce that Mike Howes is May's Unlimited Fan of the Month. This is his story...

1. Which Cineworld do you visit the most?

I watch most of my unlimited films at Gloucester Quays Cineworld, which opened in 2013. The cinema is in a perfect setting within the Gloucester Docklands with many restaurants to choose from to eat before or after seeing the film which I now get various amounts of discount at with my unlimited card. I will also take an adventure to Cheltenham Cineworld to watch the big blockbuster movies in IMAX.

2. What’s your favourite film of all time?

There are so many good movies out there, which makes it really hard to choose a favourite. Looking back over the last 30 years, I always like to think the Goonies is a brilliant and a must watch film. I always liked to imagine that one day I would be one of the Goonies on an epic adventure to find some treasure and a pirate ship, minus the bad guys!

I have three favourite movies however which to me are equal to each other. One of the films is 'We bought a Zoo' with Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. It's an amazing family feel good film based on a true story and my favourite quote came from this film: “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.” 
The other of my favourite films is a 'festive' film, and that is 'The Grinch' with Jim Carey. The comedy and adult humour set within a scenic and magical Christmas scene is brilliant. 

My final favourite film, which now that I think about it, would actually be my favourite film of all time has to be ‘Gravity’ with Sandra Bullock. There is something about the film that captivates me. I have watched this film twice at the cinema. The film was visually brilliant and the 3D effects were exceptional. You would never think that watching one or two people alone in space would be so great. Along with the visual effects, great storyline and brilliant acting, the soundtrack by Steven Price, nominated for fifteen awards with seven wins, including a BAFTA absolutely makes and completes the film. 

3. Why did you decide to join Cineworld Unlimited?

In 2014, my friend Matt and I went to see Interstellar in the newly added IMAX screen in Cheltenham Cineworld. I remember sitting in the extremely comfortable seating with my coke and bag of cinema sweet popcorn, high above the screen, looking around the room and realising that there was a lot of speakers on the walls. We talked about how we read an article on the Cineworld blog, and I quote, “The IMAX cinema at Cineworld Cheltenham will offer visitors a uniquely immersive cinematic experience, allowing them to enjoy the biggest blockbusters – including Interstellar – like never before. With ground-breaking, crystal-clear digital projection, cutting-edge sound technology and a curved screen spanning floor to ceiling and wall to wall, The IMAX Experience® will allow the audiences the opportunity to watch the latest film release in a totally new way”.

Well, what can I say, the movie started great as expected, and then there is a scene where Matthew Mcconaugheys character takes off into space in a rocket. The IMAX experience was most defiantly felt at this stage as the whole room came alive, the music was intense and our seats were on extreme vibrating mode. To say the IMAX Experience® offers a uniquely immersive cinematic experience is an understatement. Matt and I just looked at each other and just smiled and said “Woah!!”.

At the end of the film, I most defiantly had the film bug. It wasn’t until May 2015 that I finally decided to join as unlimited member. I felt it would be so much better to see as many films as possible with one set monthly price, along with enjoying all the key benefits such as special unlimited screenings and 10% off food and drink. It was a chance to have another hobby, a hobby that I could enjoy with my friends and family at a really great price.

4. Do you have an Unlimited buddy you go to the cinema with? 

I have a group of Unlimited buddies that I attend the cinema with, all with different tastes in film genres. My friends Matt, Rosie and John attend all the great movies. We are all big kids at heart, so we’re all into the cartoon films as well as all the other films. My friend Jenna is my Unlimited buddy for the Psychological Thriller movies such as ‘Split’ with James McAvoy. I have a cinema buddy that is only 3 years old, that I have recently been to the ‘Movies for Juniors’ screening of ‘Moana’. I am currently persuading my closest friend to join Unlimited, which will mean we will both be eligible for the ‘recommend a friend’ deal where we will both get a free month of membership.

5. How many films do you think you have seen so far this year?

I have seen approximately 20+ films so far this year but since joining in May 2015, I have watched approximately 135+ films.

6. Do you keep your tickets? If so, how many do you have?

I don’t keep my tickets, but I like to screenshot the film posters of the films I’ve watched and then I can put them all together at the end of the year as a photo grid and look back at what I have watched.

7. What’s your favourite must-have cinema snack?

If I am watching a movie I have to have your traditional cinema sweet popcorn and some refreshing coke, and I can never resist going for the large size. As a special treat, I like to have a Baskin Robbins sundae, which I will be enjoying whilst watching ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’. Obviously it’s now a massive benefit being a premium member as I can now get 25% off food and drinks. 

8. What do you love most about being an Unlimited member?

I really like that fact that being an Unlimited Member not only allows me to watch as many films as I like, but it has actually made me watch films of all different kinds of genres that I would never have watched before. I have always enjoyed a good action packed film or a good sci-fi film, and I have only ever visited the cinema to watch films commonly known as blockbusters. With my Unlimited card, I have watched films such as ‘Split’ which is a Psychological Thriller which had the cinema audience in absolute suspense. I have watched ‘A Monster Calls’ which is a Fantasy Drama, which had the cinema audience in tears and then I watched ‘Bad Moms’ which is a comedy and had the cinema audience in stiches of pure laughter.
My unlimited card allows me to easily take time out from everyday life to turn up at the cinema when I like, to watch any movie available at one low monthly cost. You can sit back, relax, and forget everything for 2+ hours.

That's Mike's story – but who will June's Fan of the Month be? Remember to shout about being part of the Cineworld Unlimited club on Twitter and Instagram with the #CineworldUnlimited hashtag for your chance to be next!