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Tron 3 begins filming this autumn in Vancouver


Prepare for another visually dazzling onslaught of futuristic neon. Tron 3, the follow-up to 2010's Tron Legacy, is set to begin shooting this autumn in Vancouver, confirms a Vancouver newspaper.

Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski is once more set to take the helm for Disney, with star Garrett Hedlund also returning. Kosinski's film was itself a long-delayed follow-up to the cult 1984 Jeff Bridges movie, which imagined what it would be liked to be sucked inside a video game.

Tron: Legacy of course boasted more spectacular effects than its predecessor, although it was narratively lacking. You may remember that the storyline focuses on Hedlund's character Sam, the son of Bridges' character Flynn who at the outset disappears into his own computerised creation called The Grid. As Sam discovers his own way into The Grid, he runs into a villainous, computerised simulation of his father, known as CLU ('played' by a digitised, de-aged version of Bridges).

No word yet on how the storyline of the third movie will follow on from this, although surely everyone's hoping that Daft Punk will return to compose another awesome, shimmering soundtrack. 

"Tron 3 delivers on the promise of Tron: Legacy, particularly its final scenes," said Kosinski back in 2013. "There's a big clue there as to where we'll go with the next one. There are also some characters we establish at the beginning of Tron: Legacy who have a much larger role in Tron 3."

Production is scheduled to start on 5th October, although no release date is yet confirmed. Given that Tron: Legacy shot for 64 days and was in post-production for 68 weeks, we might be waiting a while...