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Transformers obliterate Britain in new The Last Knight trailer


Having destroyed much of America, Beijing, Egypt and, erm, Chernobyl in the previous Transformers movies, high prince of the pyrotechnic Michael Bay now sets his sights on Blighty with The Last Knight.

The director's fifth Transformers blockbuster reunites us with Mark Wahlberg's Cade Yeager whose relationship with the Autobots now extends to them working in his junkyard. By the looks of it, he's also handy in the odd battle situation too.

However when a suspiciously English-accented robot butler summons him to Sir Anthony Hopkins' British estate, Cade is drawn into another epic Transformers battle, one that explores their mystical, Knights of the Round Table origins.

Rest assured though, despite all the historical allusions the movie looks to cram in as many explosions and melt-your-face-off stunts as you'd expect. Plus, it looks like regular face Bumblebee can now command parts of his body to work separately... Check out the trailer below.

Transformers: The Last Knight is released on 23rd June.