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New images of Transformers 4 on Michael Bay's official website


Can't wait for smashing robot-a-thon Transformers: Age of Extinction? Then sate your appetite with a quick glimpse at the action-tastic images on director Michael Bay's official website.

Crown Prince of Chaos Bay lives up to his billing in the candid behind the scenes shots. One in particular captures his larger than life character to a tee – as he gestures at actress Nicola Peltz (who plays the on-screen daughter of Mark Wahlberg) with an enormous prop! We don't actually know what it is – a claw, a hand? Send us your suggestions on a postcard.

There are also some cool new desert-based images of the Transformers in their vehicular state, including leader Optimus Prime (voiced by a returning Peter Cullen) and Bumblebee (who masquerades as a full-throttle 1967 Camaro). More intriguingly, there's also a shot of Irish actor Jack Reynor, who excelled earlier this year in moody drama What Richard Did.

What role will he be playing in Bay's latest dose of heavy duty robot action? We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out the pics and tell us what you think of them. Transformers: Age of Extinction is released on 10 July 2014.