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Why Tom Hardy will redefine the role of Venom


So back in 2007, we were 'treated' to a big screen Venom in Spider-Man 3...

That didn't work out too well – but now Tom Hardy is taking up the mantle in a new movie

This is great news – Venom is one of Marvel's most celebrated characters and we're sure Hardy can do him justice

For one thing he's seriously charismatic...

He can also project the level of darkness and rage the character requires – see his Kray twins portrayal in Legend...

... Or indeed, most of his other movies – Mad Max: Fury Road is a favourite of ours

Plus, he's just a damn good actor, as his Oscar-nommed role in The Revenant proved

And finally, he's played an iconic comic book villain before!

You see? He's the perfect choice

Find out why Logan and Deadpool have paved the way for a Venom movie