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Could Thor: Ragnarok give us Thor v. Hulk?


They might have been noticeable by their absence in the epic superhero showdown of Captain America: Civil War, but the God of Thunder and the unstoppable Hulk are getting ready to muscle in on the action as they face each other in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

Forget Team Cap or Team Iron Man: this time you’ll have to choose between Team Thor and Team Hulk in a battle for the ages. Who will win? Well that remains to be seen, but it is time to get ready for a rumble of epic proportions. Ding, ding, superhero battle round two is about to begin!

These guys have got some history...

They may have been pulling for the same team when battling alongside the other Avengers, but there has been a little bit of tension bubbling under the surface between these two titans. In the below scene from The Avengers (2012), we see them going toe to toe after the mild-mannered Bruce Banner “hulks out” aboard the helicarrier, and Thor sure doesn’t like him when he is angry!

In what might act as a preview of Ragnarok, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) manages to deliver a killer blow to the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) with the help of his trusty hammer, and despite the Hulk’s brawn, even he is unworthy of lifting it. However Hulk certainly doesn’t go down without a fight and proves to be a worthy adversary whenever they do battle.

In one of the funniest scenes in the film, Hulk famously delivers a beatdown to Thor’s brother Loki, showing he has no time for “puny Gods”. Thor might want to watch his back…

They may have endured the battle – but they can't avoid the war!

Having either Thor or Hulk on the team would’ve meant game over so quickly that it's no wonder that they sat on the sidelines for Civil War. But just what were they getting up to whilst Cap and Iron Man were duking it out?

Well, this is still a little bit of a mystery, but the final moments of Age of Ultron showed us that Thor was heading back into space to investigate the Infinity Stones that seemed to be cropping up with increasing regularity. With his mischievous brother Loki seemingly back up to his old tricks as revealed in Thor: The Dark World, Thor probably felt duty bound to return to Asgard and set things straight.

Also in Age of Ultron, the last we see of Hulk is him on board an aircraft and flying off to a location unknown. With Ragnarok reputedly drawing some inspiration from the ‘Planet Hulk’ comic storyline, it is fairly safe to assume that the Hulk is space-bound, and likely to cross paths with Thor very soon.

Or of course, as this is hysterical clip reveals, Thor was in fact writing sassy e-mails to Cap and Iron Man, and feeling a bit miffed about why he had been left out of the big fight. Let’s hope Ragnarok reveals the truth.

One 'Hela' of a battle

One of the brand new locations we’ll see in Ragnarok is the realm overseen by the Asgardian Goddess of Death, Hela, played by Cate Blanchett.

The main villain of the movie, Hela could also have a part to play in the showdown between Hulk and Thor. Marvel have confirmed that Thor is imprisoned on one side of the universe (without his trusty hammer!), and with the impending destruction of the world at the hands of Hela looming over him, he is forced into a gladiatorial contest that sees him facing a rather familiar foe.

It's also been revealed that Hela has been keeping Hulk prisoner and will be using him to try and destroy Thor once and for all. With the God of Thunder sans his reliable weapon, this is a rematch which could go either way, and we cannot wait to find out who wins!

Team Thor or Team Hulk? Whose side are you on? Champion your favourites and let us know who you think will win @Cineworld. Thor: Ragnarok is released on 27th October 2017 – don't forget to check out the first look Thor images of Jeff Goldblum.

Sarah Buddery is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.