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#NowTrending: what's hot in the Twittersphere


Welcome to our new roundup of what's been making your social media headlines this week. Scroll down for all the latest...


Ever since Hulk punched Thor off the side of the screen in Avengers Assemble, we've been waiting for the bromantic superhero duo to get a movie worthy of their abilities.

Thankfully we've now got one in the form of Taika Waititi's gloriously funny and colourful Thor: Ragnarok, one that puts the rivalry between Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo's characters front and centre.

And it's not just on-screen that these guys bring the awesome: away from the movie itself HemsRuff (as we're naming them) having been delighting fans with their easygoing chemistry. Case in point: this wonderful video in which they carve Halloween pumpkins together. It's sure to put your own office carving competition to shame.


Back in 2007 comic book character Venom appeared in Spider-Man 3 as played by Topher Grace and the results were... mixed to say the least. Thankfully the Marvel antihero will be getting his first proper solo movie in the form of next year's Venom, and with Tom Hardy in the lead role we're not expecting it to be anything less than brilliant.

Venom is so-named for the extraterrestrial symbiote that bonds with its unfortunate host, turning them into a darker version of themselves. In comic book lore Spider-Man himself has been a victim of Venom in the past, although Hardy is actually playing Eddie Brock, the alien's second victim (and the character originally played by Grace in the earlier movie).

The film, directed by Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer, isn't officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, meaning it won't be taking place in the same space as Spider-Man: Homecoming. Instead distributor and franchise owners Sony are looking to grow their own universe of Spider-Man characters away from the main ensemble. 

Nevertheless with a mooted R-rating and Hardy's presence it will no doubt be tough and gritty – it's also been confirmed that Hardy will be playing the role via motion capture a la Andy Serkis in the Planet of the Apes trilogy. That opens up all sorts of possibilities as to what this big screen Venom will look like.

The movie began filming in New York earlier this week – check out the first photo from the set.


The second season of the spooky Netflix phenomenon lands tomorrow and will be as drenched in pop culture nostalgia as its hit predecessor. (We broke down all the 80s movie references in the trailer here.)

And there's a new face in the town of Hawkins, Indiana: school bully Billy, as played by Power Rangers actor Dacre Montgomery, who promises to be a deeply unpleasant antagonist. And, true to form for directors the Duffer brothers, Montgomery's performance bears similarities to a certain classic movie character...

"He’s a bit of an antagonist to be honest," he tells Screen Rant. "The reference from these boys over here, the Duffer Brothers, was kind of like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Somebody with an unpredictable nature. Somebody who sorts of unnerves the audience."

Montgomery adds Billy is "a bit of spice placed in this amazing recipe that has been so tasty and so successful. He blows through town, He comes from out of town, from California. He ruffles a few feathers and I think that sums him up without giving too much away."

Check out the trailer below and let us know @Cineworld if you'll be watching.

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