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5 reasons why Thor: Ragnarok will be the Marvel movie to rule them all in 2017


Thor: Ragnarok is the Marvel movie to look forward to this year. Everyone was wowed by the Spider-Man: Homecoming teaser and joined the collective ‘aww’ at the peek of Baby Groot from the next Guardians of the Galaxy. Ultimately however, they will all need to step aside because 2017 is going to herald the return of everyone's favourite hammer-swinging Norse hunk, Thor.

So why, in a year jam packed with anticipated Marvel films, will Thor: Ragnarok rule them all? Well here are a few reasons…

It's directed by Taiki Waititi

Taika is one of the funniest directors around at the moment and his stock has been steady rising in the film world. His earliest foray into moviemaking started by creating a short film (Two Cars One Night), which went on to earn him an Oscar nomination. Since then he’s gone on to make some fantastic films, including his latest, the brilliant 2016 hit Hunt for the Wilderpeople

A skill seen in all his films is the ability to balance both drama and comedy. What We Do in the Shadows, his hilarious mockumentary of vampires living in a flat together, shows he is able to explore all the facets of people with inhuman powers. 

He focuses not only on the superhuman elements but also the more mundane parts of life to comedic effect. This should put him in good stead with regards to the new Thor movie. No pressure!

The behind the scenes stuff is hilarious

Taiki is also a director who doesn’t take himself too seriously. One quick look at his Twitter account will give an indication of the kind of laughs we might get in the new film. It’s a mix of behind the scenes pictures and little jokes and is well worth a follow.

However, the best thing we have seen so far is a promotional video called Civil War: Team Thor. It’s been a while since we last saw Thor and during the climatic events of Captain America: Civil War he was notable by his absence. Well, you can find what he has been up to in the following hilarious video, created by the director.

It stars Jeff Goldblum

Thor: Ragnarok boasts a cast jam-packed with stars including, Cate Blanchett, Karl Urban and rumours of Anthony Hopkins returning. However, the most interesting casting choice has to be the addition of Independence Day and Jurassic Park legend Jeff Goldblum.

He will be appearing as ‘The Grandmaster’ a powerful and hedonistic character who loves chance and playing games. Hopefully, it will mean we get to see Goldblum use his improvised and unique style to make an interesting addition to Thor Lore. Let’s just hope we get to hear some of that signature laugh from the star.

Thor isn't the only hero involved

Marvel has become synonymous with linking stories that allow heroes to cross into other films, and it seems Ragnarok will be no different. Thor's absence was felt in Civil War so it seems appropriate that he will be teaming up in order to save the Asgard.

A plot release by Marvel reveals that Hulk will feature heavily from the very start, the film beginning with Thor and Hulk imprisoned on the other side of the universe. Without his famous hammer, Thor will have to fight him in a gladiatorial battle. So we might be able to finally answer the question of who would win in a fight between the two.

You can assume the fight doesn’t harm their relationship too much as Hulk star Mark Ruffalo has dropped some hints about his role in the film, likening it to an "intergalactic buddy road movie". However, Bruce Banner might not be the only extra hero here, as last year's Doctor Strange mid-credit scene hinted that we might see Benedict Cumberbatch’s physics-bending doctor helping out as well.

Worthy adversaries

With so many heroes appearing you can bet they must be up against some pretty powerful villains.

Whilst we don’t know the full details, what we do know is that Cate Blanchett will be playing a new and mysterious baddie called Hela. It seems she is ruthlessly intent on destroying Thor’s home world of Asgard. Pretty epic stuff.

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki will also be returning, but his intentions aren’t so clear. Last seen impersonating Thor’s father Odin at the end of Dark World it’s unclear whether he will be friend or foe in the fight against Hela. With these villains, it sounds like it might be quite an epic battle, with the fate of Asgard at stake.

Thor: Ragnarok is released on 27th October. Looking forward to the return of your favourite Norse god? Tweet us @Cineworld.

Tom Nightingale is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.