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Why Thor and Hulk are the ultimate Marvel double act


The trailer proved it – Hulk will appear in Thor: Ragnarok. They’re not the most obvious double act in Marvel, and yet we still think they could be the best duo. Here’s why we can’t wait to see the reunion.

They both have god-like powers

The Avengers are just like any group of friends. While they care about each other a great deal, they also find themselves in a fair few tussles with one another. But crucially, nobody ends up with significant injuries during these fights – besides poor Rhodey of course.

But when it comes to Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), his punches are likely to leave craters in the side of his friends’ skulls, which is difficult to recover from. Fortunately, since Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is a god he can take a beating from Hulk without worrying about his health insurance.

This has already resulted in some epic fight scenes in previous Avengers films, which is excellent popcorn fodder, most notably aboard the helicarrier. And with a new fight teased in Thor: Ragnarok between the thunder god and the green beast, we’ll get to see even more of their entertaining showdowns.

There's no bad blood between them

The Avengers started off as a happy bunch of misfits. While they did squabble and get into fights, they hadn’t known each other for long enough for their conflict to become personal. Fast forward until today and our team of superheroes now have more drama than the cast of EastEnders.

This was mostly thanks to last year's Captain America: Civil War. Thankfully, Hulk and Thor missed out on that emotional bust-up and could still might maintain an upbeat relationship rather than brooding like the heroes back on Earth.

The Thor: Ragnarok trailer certainly had a colourful, bouncy Guardians of the Galaxy vibe about it. There’s still plenty of light-hearted humour between the two, and we’ll be very grateful for that since other Marvel films are becoming progressively darker.

They're both outsiders

One’s a god from Asgard and the other is a genius scientist with a short fuse. You wouldn’t think that the two have anything in common, and yet they share one trait: they’re both outsiders on Earth.

Sure, Bruce Banner is an Earthling, but his monstrous powers and apparent immortality mean it’s difficult for him to relate to other humans. He even banished himself from Earth in fear that he’d hurt someone he cared about.

And while Thor’s struggles to adapt to Earth life has resulted in several laugh-inducing anecdotes, it’s also likely to have caused great frustration for the Asgardian. And with Asgard being taken by the villain Hela (Cate Blanchett) in the upcoming film, Thor has now lost his home just as Bruce has.

This will most likely be a talking point for the two characters, as they help each other overcome their demons.

Their culture clash

True, we did just say that Thor and Hulk’s key similarity makes them a great double act, but equally, their many differences also provide great laughs.

Thor speaks as if he just jumped straight out of a medieval world (which he kinda does) and knows very little about human technology. That’s not surprising since he lives on another planet.

Bruce Banner, meanwhile, knows everything there is about technology and frequently uses complicated words due to his high level of education and intellect.

With this great divide in culture it’s a wonder that the two can even have a successful conversation, let alone become good friends. And yet, despite the odds, the two have forged a great friendship, which will only get stronger during the course of Thor: Ragnarok.

They have fantastic chemistry off-screen

When two characters click on-screen, it’s often because they get on so well off-screen too.

Despite never starring alongside each other in a film outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo have become close friends. They’re often spotted together outside of work and they’re always joking with other during interviews.

This relationship has clearly had a positive effect on their acting, and as their bromance has undoubtedly improved during the last few years, we may see even better chemistry between them in Thor: Ragnarok.

Every point made so far amounts to one thing: Hulk and Thor have terrific chemistry. Whether they’re fighting one another or duelling with banter, they dominate the screen and dish out the laughs. Forget Cap and Iron Man: the latest Thor movie will prove they're the double-act to die for. And it's released on 27th October.

Ryan Jones is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.