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The secret skills of pets! The eye-popping pet videos that broke the internet


Ever wondered what your pets get up to behind closed doors? Upcoming animated adventure The Secret Life of Pets has the answer, introducing us to fridge-invading cats, death metal-loving poodles and lots more.

If you simply can't wait for the movie's release on 24th June, we've been nice to you and rounded up those hilariously, insanely skilled pet videos that broke the internet – watch in awe.

Two-legged cat

Everyone's seen this, in which a cat comes over all human and decides that standing on its hind legs is perfectly fine. No matter how many times we've watched it never ceases to be weird, or utterly hilarious.

Cockatoo rock

We mentioned the Secret Life of Pets poodle who loves a bit of death metal. But it turns out that some real-life pets also love getting their groove on, such as this feathered cockatoo who head bangs along to a bit of Elvis. We can't help but laugh at his partner's somewhat terrified reaction.

Walking the dog

There's only one thing cuter – and funnier – than a fluffy little dog, and that's one on a treadmill wearing a bear costume.

Leaf it out!

Has there ever been a happier labrador than this one jumping into a pile of leaves? We think not.

Dog vs lemon

Or to put it another way: Bernese Mountain puppy vs citrus. The word 'adorable' doesn't do it justice.

What are your favourite pet videos? Send us your choices @Cineworld.