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Pets win prizes! We nominate the best big-screen animal companions from our favourite films #TheSecretLifeOfPets


We're looking ahead to this month's The Secret Life of Pets by awarding our own prizes to those irresistible animal companions that we simply couldn't live without. Will your favourite movie be included? Scroll down to find out.

Most resourceful pet: 101 Dalmatians

One of Disney's most enduringly popular hits, this adaptation of Dodie Smith's novel turned tail-wagging Dalmatians into the most popular dog breed on the planet. Even in the face of classic, cackling villain Cruella De Vil, the fun-loving pooches more than hold their own. The movie was remade in live action in 1996 with a deliciously ripe performance from Glenn Close as Cruella.

Coolest pet: The AristoCats

This Disney classic revolves around a family of pampered felines who find themselves abandoned on the outskirts of Paris. On their travels back to their mistress, they come across wisecracking alley cat O'Malley, voiced by The Jungle Book favourite Phil Harris. If any movie made cats cool (let's not forget, O'Malley loves a bit of jazz), it was this one.

Most slobbery pet: Beethoven

Doing for massive, slobbery St Bernards what 101 Dalmatians did for, err, dalmatians, this madcap comedy holds a special place in audiences hearts. When an American family take in a four-legged addition to their brood, father Charles Grodin must overcome his dog-hating tendencies – when he finally does, it's super-cute.

Most loyal pet: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

This popular family adventure was a feast for animal lovers as two dogs and a cat trek across America to be reunited with their owners. On vocal duties are veteran Oscar winners Don Ameche and Sally Field, and Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox. The movie was so successful it spawned a 1996 sequel: Lost in San Francisco.

Naughtiest pet: Marley and Me

Adapted from journalist John Grogan's bestseller, this is the fun-filled story of one family's life with the world's most destructive labrador. As the eponymous Marley trashes the furniture, poops on the carpet and much more besides, he nevertheless becomes a close companion to the central characters played by Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. The inevitable goodbye is a real tear-jerker.

We're looking ahead to this month's The Secret Life of Pets with

Most colourful pet: Rio

It's not all about cats and dogs, you know. This hit 2011 animation (and its lesser 2014 sequel) explores the adventures of a domesticated macaw Blue, unmistakably voiced by The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg, as he finds himself lost in the samba-infused sprawl of Rio De Janeiro. Anne Hathaway voices Blue's spontaneous opposite and eventual sweetheart, Jewel.

The Secret Life of Pets is released on 24th June and booking is now open! Click here to get your tickets. Don't forget to tweet us your favourite pet movies @Cineworld.