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The proud highs and super-embarrassing lows of Kong: Skull Island’s Tom Hiddleston


Everybody loves Tom Hiddleston, don’t they? DON'T THEY? Or at least they did before all this Taylor Swift kissing madness. Has the Hiddleston brand been tarnished by the shameless courting of the media of this new celebrity power couple? But this isn't the only thing in his career than Tom Hiddleston has reason to be embarrassed by. Ahead of the release of the Hiddleston-headling Kong: Skull Island next year, we look at the highs and lows of Hiddles’ life so far...



Amazingly, Thor was only Hiddleston’s third movie, and made only five years after his big screen debut. It’s fair to say he stole the film from under star Chris Hemsworth’s nose, with his flirty and funny turn as Thor’s psychopathic adoptive brother, Loki. Joss Whedon was evidently so impressed that he was brought back as the main antagonist for Avengers Assemble.


The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

Few actors' first films are ones you imagine they revisit with fondness. Hiddles has so little to do in this forgettable TV movie adaptation of Dickens’ classic novel that his character isn’t even graced with a name (he’s simply ‘Lord’).


Midnight in Paris

Hiddles filmed this delightful Woody Allen fantasy just before his stint on the first Thor, winning the plum role of F. Scott Fitzgerald, whom hero Gil Pender (Owen Wilson) meets during his nocturnal wanderings through Paris.



Conspiracy, a true-life dramatisation of the Nazis' infamous 1942 Wannsee Conference, is a cracking movie, but Hiddleston barely has anything to do in it. Again, there’s no character name (he’s down as… wait for it… ‘Phone Operator’!), but he does get a few lines. So, yeah, good movie, worth a rent, but a nothing role.


The Night Manager

We’d seen him camping it up as Loki, but it was his turn as the quietly heroic British soldier-turned-night porter Jonathan Pine in this glammy adaptation of John Le Carre’s bestseller that got everyone talking about Hiddleston as a possible James Bond.



Every British actor serves their time on Casualty at some point (other mega names to have graced the sterilised halls of Holby City Hospital include Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley and Ray Winstone). In it, he plays a rock climber who accidentally knocks a woman leaning out of her balcony when he abseils down from an apartment block roof. Yes, it's that undramatic, but at least he had a character name this time (we wonder whatever happened to ‘Chris Vaughn’?)


“And here’s another one…”

As if dashing good looks, fine acting talent and steel-hard abs weren’t enough, it turns out that Lord Tom of Hiddleston has an impressive line in celebrity impressions too. Here he is grandstanding them off on The Graham Norton Show last year…


Tom loves Taylor

What is going on between Hiddleston and Taylor Swift? Is it a genuine romance, or some bizarre publicity stunt? If it is a bona fide courtship, why’s it being played out in front of the world’s paparazzi? Isn't he, well, better than this? When Tom and Taylor were pictured frollicking on the beach, him wearing a “I Heart TS" t-shirt, her gazing at him with lovestruck eyes, the world reached for the puke bag. Even Ryan Reynolds clearly wanted to to be somewhere else when he was caught up in their ostentatious love-fest recently.

So, will Kong: Skull Island be a high or a low for Tom Hiddleston? Find out when it open in March 2017.