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5 secrets we unearthed from the new Mummy trailer


Tom Cruise has tackled all kind of challenges in his A-list career from fighter jets to invading aliens and much more besides. However his latest nemesis looks to be one of the most terrifying of them all: Princess Ahmanet, undead scourge of Universal’s all-action Mummy reboot that arrives in Cineworld this June.

We’ve delved into the new trailer to unearth some secrets about the new Mummy movie…

Something has awakened...

It looks as if the reveal of Ahmanet’s tomb is something of an unplanned event, as Cruise’s military hero Nick Morton finds her cavernous resting place open up after a great deal of explosive action.

Just the thought of something so ancient and dangerous lurking beneath an ordinary city street is enough to give us the creeps but this is The Mummy we’re talking about, part of a deliciously creepy Universal horror franchise that stretches right the way back to the 1930s. Indeed, this is the first step in an ongoing Monster Universe franchise that will soon encompass The Wolfman and The Invisible Man.

Tomb raider

Exactly how Cruise’s character becomes mixed up with Egyptologist Jenny Halsey (Peaky Blinders’ Annabelle Wallis) remains to be seen. But whilst he’s got the brawn she’s got the brains, as she unveils the grisly history of Ahmanent herself. This isn’t going to be pretty…

Legacy of evil

Played by Kingsman and Star Trek Beyond actress Sofia Boutella, the eponymous mummy in fact started out life as a power-hungry royal, whose desire for conquest ultimately led her to a gruesome end entombed within a sarcophagus. Buried for millennia, she is about to rise and unleash a thirst for vengeance.

We’re getting serious flashbacks to the enjoyably scary opening of the 1999 Brendan Fraser reboot at this point – here’s hoping there are no scarabs involved…

Dark bidding

As relayed by Russell Crowe’s Dr. Henry Jekyll, whose role at this stage remains somewhat ambiguous, Ahmanet plans to use Nick as a vessel for her dark powers, further accelerating her plan to take over the entire world. One of the ways she does so involves hordes of rats. Can we go back to the scarabs, please?

Joking aside, it appears to reinforce director Alex Kurtzman’s desire to take the franchise back to its spine-tingling roots.

Underwater mummies!

As Ahmanet extends her power, decimating London with a massive sandstorm, it looks like there will be a host of other skin-crawling set-pieces on offer, including an aquatic confrontation with something… unpleasant. It looks like we can’t hide from these mummies, either on land or in water…

What did you make of the trailer? Tweet us your thoughts @Cineworld and get ready for the arrival of The Mummy on 9th June.