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Why you need to experience The Mummy in IMAX


The Mummy has been unearthed with superstar Tom Cruise facing ancient evil from beyond the grave. It's the first chapter in Universal's ongoing 'Dark Universe' franchise – here's why you need to experience it in IMAX.

1. IMAX was made for this

Filled with horror and action (just watch out for that free-falling plane sequence), The Mummy is the sort of big screen spectacle that demands to be seen on the largest IMAX screen possible.

2. The Mummy comes to life

Director Alex Kurtzman whips up the sands of time and brings us the terrifying story of Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), who rises from the grave to wreak havoc on 21st century London. With her powers ranging from an army of undead minions to killer sandstorms, you need to see this on the biggest IMAX screen possible.

3. Get ready for The Cruiser

No action star is quite like Tom, who makes us feel every sprint, punch and impact. His physical commitment demands the IMAX experience.

4. Sounds of wonder

It’s not just the visuals where IMAX proves revolutionary. You simply don’t get more dynamic sound anywhere else, and what better movie to show off IMAX’s sound capabilities?

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