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5 reasons why The Light Between Oceans needs to be your 'Wednesdate' movie


It's time for your latest 'Wednesdate' choice – the movie that you absolutely need to see together as a couple on the big screen. We're going all romantic this week with new Michael Fassbender/Alicia Vikander drama The Light Between Oceans, so read on to find out why this is your perfect date night movie.

1. Expect an ocean of emotion

Don't just sit at home gorging on that box set you've ploughed through a million times over. If you want a really memorable evening, then get down to your Cineworld and experience this sumptuously designed epic about lighthouse keeper Tom and his wife Isabel who make the ill-fated decision to adopt a seemingly orphaned baby. It's an emotional rollercoaster that's surely got to beat Black Mirror on Netflix for the umpteenth time.

2. These actors were made to be seen on the big screen

We're not just talking your routine A-listers here. We're talking 12 Years a Slave's Michael Fassbender and Ex Machina's Alicia Vikander, the kind of incredibly talented actors it's worth making a Cineworld visit for. Go and revel in the acting fireworks of this on-screen couple (who have subsequently become an off-screen item).

3. Test who's the strongest

Whoever is left a drained, emotional husk at the end of the movie has their other half buy the drinks after the movie finishes. And no fake tears: we don't want you to cotton on and attempt to blag a free pint in the process.

4. It'll make your relationship stronger (well, maybe)

The sweeping story of Tom and Isabel is all about unyielding commitment and love in the face of impossible circumstances. It therefore provides an (admittedly fictional) benchmark against which you can measure your very own relationship. Couple's counselling? Just get down to Cineworld instead.

5. Your evening doesn't end with the movie!

Unlimited member? Then chew over your thoughts on the movie with 25% off at Pizza Hut, Chiquito or Frankie and Benny's. Film, food and drink: it's exactly what you need for the perfect Cineworld night out.

Click here to book your tickets for The Light Between Oceans and don't forget to tweet your responses @Cineworld once you've seen it.