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Superman features in new TV spot for The LEGO Movie


DC Comics' legendary superhero Superman makes a much-anticipated appearance in The LEGO Movie. And you can see more footage of him in this newly released TV spot.

Superman is voiced by Channing Tatum who demonstrated his brilliant comic chops in the hilarious 21 Jump Street (and forthcoming sequel 22 Jump Street). We can't wait to hear him voice the Kryptonian hero – although as the TV spot makes clear, the real hero of the hour is Emmett (Chris Pratt), the plucky plastic figure tasked with saving the LEGO universe.

We're not sure how Superman will fit into the world of the film as yet, although he's already got a penchant for stealing the limelight from fellow DC icon Batman (Will Arnett)! What role you think Superman will play?

The LEGO Movie is released on 14 February.