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New LEGO Movie posters feature Wyldstyle, Vitruvius and Benny the spaceman


Anticipation for The LEGO Movie keeps on building with the release of these new character posters, featuring plucky heroine Wyldestyle, wise wizard Vitruvius and spaceman Benny.

Elizabeth Banks voices Wyldstyle, the go-getting sidekick of hapless hero Emmett (Chris Pratt). Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman deploys his dulcet tones as Vitruvius – the wise seer who designates Emmett as The Chosen One, and the person who will save the LEGO universe. And as for Benny (Charlie Day)... well, he's a space guy, what more can we say? One thing's for sure – he looks happy.

Each of the posters comes with a one-word description of each character than captures them in a nutshell. On another note, does Vitruvius have car headlamps for eyes? We imagine a staring contest with him would be pretty difficult!

These three guys are but a fraction of the weird and wonderful characters that make up the world of the film. Take a look at the posters and let us know whether you're looking forward to The LEGO Movie. It's released on 14 February.