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5 hilariously awesome moments from the new LEGO Batman trailer


The new LEGO Batman Movie trailer landed last week and even several days on, has us in absolute stitches. We've selected the highlights so you don't have to.

Wayne's pain!

What's the biggest dilemma facing everyone's favourite billionaire-slash-superhero Bruce Wayne (voiced by Will Arnett)? Chafing in the batsuit? Ensuring the Batmobile is fully fuelled? Snakeclowns? Nope it's all to do with his unresolved family issues, as his butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) points out in one of the trailer's greatest moments. All Bats wants to do is live up to his deceased parents – awwww! But his desire to do so has led to an unexpected incident...

Meet Robin

It turns out that Batman has inadvertently adopted young orphan Dick Grayson (Michael Cera) – although he insists to Alfred he was only joking. Of course Dick will eventually transform into the superhero known as Robin, and he's got a knack of whipping off his clothes to reveal his suit, hitting Batman in the face in the process.

The Joker!

In this latest trailer we also get our first look at the maniacal Joker, voiced by Hangover star Zach Galifianakis. He looks suitably deranged, but Batman's revelation that he's currently juggling battles with several different supervillains leads to a priceless – and unexpectedly heartbreaking – response. Still, we shouldn't get too complacent – he is a raving lunatic, after all.

Barbara Gordon!

Also making her debut trailer appearance is Rosario Dawson's heroine who has fashioned a master plan to get Batman working with the police force. Suffice to say, he's not impressed, and we can't imagine it working either... Even so, it's great to finally see Arnett's Bruce Wayne outside his costume – pretty dashing for a plastic fella, ain't he?

The new Avengers!

So this is all kinds of awesome, the closing shot of the trailer teasing Batman, Robin, Barbara and Alfred all working together as a plasticised team of badasses. And the final gag involving Robin's costume absolutely kills us.

What were your favourite moments from the LEGO Batman trailer? Tweet us your choice bits @Cineworld.