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The Last Jedi teaser trailer arrives tomorrow! #StarWarsCelebration


You must have felt the disturbance in the Force last night, as long-awaited details of The Last Jedi teaser trailer were revealed.

It turns out the teaser for the next Star Wars movie will be making its debut at the Easter weekend's Star Wars Celebration to celebrate 40 years of the franchise.

This is the most important note you'll take all year: the trailer will be debuting during the Last Jedi panel between 4pm and 5.30pm UK time. It's being streamed live and presumably will be released separately not long afterwards.

In the absence of an actual trailer (cue a Darth Vader-style 'noooooooo!), here are the questions we want – no, need – answering.

Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?

A time-travelling Kylo Ren? Darth Plagueis? An all-new character? The identity of Andy Serkis' malevolent, shadowy baddie is the biggest question we want answered.

(OK, so they're all big.)

Who is 'the last Jedi'?

Does this refer to a collective of Jedi or a singular person? What implications are there for Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Rey (Daisy Ridley)? Darn it, why can't it be tomorrow already?

Is Luke the father of Rey?

We already know that Ridley's heroine is strong with the Force – does this stem from some rather legendary parentage? Not too long until we find out...

Stay tuned to the blog next week for a full breakdown of the Last Jedi trailer highlights. And may the Force be with you.