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The Last Jedi: Carrie Fisher’s greatest Star Wars moments


According to John Boyega, the late Carrie Fisher enjoys a fantastic send-off in The Last Jedi, and so we decided to honour her by picking out her very best Star Wars moments. Here are our absolute favourites.

5. "Somebody has to save our skins"

"Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope" may be one of Leia’s most memorable quotes, but she was certainly no damsel in distress. In fact, she had one of the best shots in the galaxy, putting the Stormtroopers’ aim to real shame.

There’s multiple fantastic moments of Leia in combat, including the battle on Endor, but our favourite was on board the Death Star. She’d only just been rescued by Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), but instead of following their lead and cowering in the corner of the corridor when the Stormtroopers unleashed their laser fire, Leia was the one to step up and get them out of an impossible situation by shooting a hole in the wall.

Genius! This scene showed Leia’s leadership, bravery and cunning all at once, but most important of all was her sarcastic remark, "Somebody has to save our skins". That’s the Leia we all fell in love with.

4. "Nerf herder!"

There’s no denying that most of Leia’s best scenes are with Han Solo, but that doesn’t mean she’s one of those loved-up girls that only exist to satisfy our thirst for romance.

Far from it. Rather than going all goo goo eyes for Han, she’s actually one of the few characters that stood up to him. Not only did this show great, realistic chemistry, but it also proved that Leia was definitely no push over.

Thinking about it, Leia probably lectured Han more times than a CP-30 comment made us cringe, which is a lot. The best of her insults? That has to be "You stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder", especially with the dumb-founded look that it gave Han.

It’s a pretty good insult to hurl at your friends too, so thanks for that one Leia.

3. "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"

This Leia gem took place at the exact moment Luke turns up to save her. "Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper" must be one of her greatest quotes, as it shows not only her sense of humour, but also her absolute lack of respect and fear of the most powerful army in the galaxy.

Also important is her reaction when she realises she’s being rescued. If she was one of your more traditional Disney princesses she’d have showered Luke in hugs and kisses – but this is Leia. Instead she flees her cell as quickly as possible.

Sure, you could call her ungrateful, but when you’re on a freakin’ Death Star, you don’t exactly have time for pleasantries.

2. Jabba the Hutt slayer

Jabba is like the Al Capone of the Star Wars world, an all-powerful crime lord that few would mess with. Yet Leia managed to kill him with nothing but a metal chain. Now that’s badass.

It’s easy to forget how significant that was, but it’s likely that many bounty hunters previously attempted to take Jabba’s life – and died trying. Yet, despite Jabba not taking her seriously, dressing her up in a gold bikini and keeping her as a piece of eye candy, it was Leia who turned out to be his killer.

Oh how we love sweet justice. Let’s also not forget Leia’s attempted rescue of Han too though – although it failed it was extremely daring to sneak into Jabba’s palace to save him. Leia truly is a proper action heroine.

1. A Star Wars heroine

Did your mum ever tell you that first impressions are important? Well, she was right and Princess Leia made one hell of a first impression.

We’ve already mentioned how she was not afraid to stand up to other characters, but to not even flinch when Darth Vader was breathing down her neck? That’s insane. We’re sure we’d lose all control of our bladder in such a situation.

But it’s not her bravery or hilarious comments about Tarkin’s stench that won us over the most – it was her cunning. See, had she not stowed away the Death Star plans in R2-D2 then the Star Wars franchise would have been over very quickly with an easy Empire victory.

She gave the rebellion hope when there was none to give. But what makes this especially important is that this film was released in 1977, when strong and influential heroines were few and far between – particularly in sci-fi and fantasy.

Leia, and equally Carrie Fisher, gave us new hope. Hope that they didn’t have to be the sort of princess that waits for a prince to save them – that they could fight their own battles and make their own impact upon the world.

Now that’s more powerful than any lightsabre or Jedi mind trick. RIP Carrie Fisher – a real life heroine.

Ryan Jones is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.