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Unlimited screening of Robert De Niro comedy The Intern


"You talkin' to me?" Our next Unlimited advance screening is Robert De Niro comedy The Intern on Monday 28th September.

The legendary Raging Bull and Goodfellas actor takes the lead in this charming movie from The Holiday director Mike Myers, playing widowed Ben Whittaker. Dreading retirement, Ben instead decides to be pro-active and becomes an intern at a glossy fashion magazine spearheaded by no-nonsense editor Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). Whilst there, this ageing veteran teaches the young whippersnappers what he's made of. Check out the trailer.

You can see The Intern before it goes on nationwide release! Tickets for the Unlimited screening of The Intern are available from Friday 4th September – show off using #TheInternUnlimitedScreening. The screening starts at 8.15pm and will take place at all Cineworld sites excluding Aberdeen Union Square, Haymarket, Swindon Regent Circus, Chelsea, Glasgow SC & Cheltenham.

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