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Why you need to watch The Girl on the Train Before it leaves Cineworld forever!


Not yet seen gripping Emily Blunt thriller The Girl on the Train? Here's why you need to watch the movie before it leaves Cineworld forever.

Loved the book? Then watch the movie!

Did Paula Hawkins' twisty bestseller consume your life? Then don't miss your chance to see her darkly unpredictable story brought to life on your Cineworld screen – it's your chance to relive the shocking tale of alcoholic commuter Rachel (Emily Blunt) and the terrifying mystery she becomes drawn into.

It's the movie everyone's talking about

Do you really want to miss out on the conversation completely? No we thought not – so book your tickets and ensure you're up to date on the mystery that's been on everyone's lips over the last few weeks.

Experience another brilliant Emily Blunt performance

Sicario, Edge of Tomorrow, Into the Woods – who can resist a bit of the brilliantly versatile Emily? And she delivers another belter of a performance here, getting under troubled Rachel's skin and crafting a compelling character who toys with our sympathies. It's the kind of performance you don't want to miss in the cinema.

Enough reasons for you? Then click here to book your tickets for The Girl on the Train and tweet us your responses @Cineworld.