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The Founder: Unlimited members give their reactions!


Last night saw our Unlimited advance screening of acclaimed Michael Keaton drama, The Founder. It's the story of the founding of McDonalds, so did it leave Unlimited members hungry for more? We'll start with Lee.

Luke meanwhile praises Keaton's performance.

However Lyle says the tone of the performance had echoes of a certain classic Keaton character...

Another Luke says it's a dramatic, gripping story we shouldn't take for granted.

Nevertheless it didn't work for all viewers. Andrew says he had his reservations.

And Ben says although the film was enjoyable, it's not likely to stick with him.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Anyone else who attended last night's screening, tweet us @Cineworld and using #CineworldUnlimited.

Stay tuned to the blog for details of upcoming Unlimited screenings!