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Countdown to The Disaster Artist: 5 scenes from The Room we want to see reenacted


Directed by and starring James Franco The Disaster Artist recounts the making of a movie quite unlike any other.

Adapted from Greg Sestero's book of the same name, the film is an affectionate and hilarious account of the making of The Room, the infamous 2003 'disasterpiece' from inscrutable actor-writer-director Tommy Wiseau that has subsequently gone down in history as one of the worst movies ever made.

Notorious for its terrible acting and rampant continuity errors, The Room packs out cult screenings around the world whereby crowds of people turn up to laugh themselves silly at the movie.

We've rounded up five jaw-dropping scenes that we want to see recreated in The Disaster Artist, released this December starring James as Wiseau and his brother Dave as Sestero. Yes, these are real clips...

1. The flower shop

The Room revolves around San Francisco banker Johnny (played by Wiseau) and his relationship with Lisa (Juliette Danielle) who is cheating on him with best friend Mark (Sestero). The frankly inane plot can't be summarised any further than that – suffice it to say the following sequence, in which Johnny buys some roses for Lisa, sums up the utter hilarity of the movie. Hai, doggie!

2. "Oh, hai Mark!"

The most notorious and oft-quoted scene from The Room sees Johnny explode in a "rage" after he's accused of striking his "future wife" (for some bizarre reason, Wiseau is said to have vetoed the word 'fiance'). Amazingly this one little exchange took 67 takes to get right and offers a superb example of the film's weird production values, namely that Wiseau's voice is so obviously overdubbed (allegedly because of his incomprehensible delivery), plus the use of a studio set and green screen background to depict the San Fran skyline when real locations were available.

This scene is also the subject of The Disaster Artist's glorious teaser trailer, one recounting Wiseau's struggle with both the lines and technical logistics of filmmaking.

3. "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!"

Another absolutely priceless scene where it's not clear whether we're in fact watching an extraterrestrial simulating a human being. This particular line has the audience responding in unison during screenings of the movie. (Trivia: people also throw spoons at the screen whenever a spoon-related image turns up – this is because the crew didn't swap out the spoon images in the stock photo frames that litter the backdrop.)

4. Cheep, cheep cheep!

In what other movie would it be appropriate for a group of grown men in tuxedos to suddenly start behaving like chickens? Thankfully The Room isn't like any other movie.

5. "I fed up with this world!"

Towards the end of The Room 'tension' has built to such an extent that Johnny erupts during a party for close friends. Upon discovering that Mark has in fact cheated on him with Lisa he rails against everyone having betrayed him – what's even funnier is that after his initial fight and brief reconciliation with Mark, Johnny then goes off on one again, making a nonsense of any attempt at character development and drama.

Frankly we can't wait to see James Franco's staging of these legendary sequences and many more. The Disaster Artist goes on nationwide release on 6th December and don't forget we've got our Unlimited screening of the film on 27th November. Check out the full trailer below. Oh, hai Mark!

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