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5 reasons why terrifying sequel The Conjuring 2 is your perfect 'Wednesdate' movie!


Spooky horror sequel The Conjuring 2 is out now in Cineworld – and we've got five blood-curdling reasons why it's your perfect 'Wednesdate' movie...

1. Being scared is an experience best shared!

Seriously, jumping out of your skin and being thoroughly creeped out whilst sat on your own in Cineworld is one thing. But it's so much more fan when there are two of you sharing in the fear. Think of it as a bonding experience.

2. In fact, you can see who blinks first

As James Wan's sequel unleashes the Enfield poltergeist upon an unsuspecting London family, the challenge will be to see who the first person is to cower behind their fingers, or leap from their seat in shock. Being terrified was never more fun!

3. Big screen chills are always better

Fact. After all, ho wants to sit at home endlessly regurgitating the same old creepy horror movies on Blu-Ray? Make an evening of it and get down to your Cineworld, all the better for experiencing the spectral majesty of James Wan's blockbusting horror.

4. The experience doesn't end in the cinema...

Take your post-cinema discussion to the local pub or, if you're Unlimited card holders, your local Pizza Hut, Chiquitos or Frankie and Bennys. All the better for poring over the supposedly 'true' facts of the story on which the film is based. Which of you will emerge as the sceptic, and which as the believer?

5. Get close!

Let's face it, if you're both a bit self-conscious about having a cuddle in the cinema then a horror movie offers the ideal solution. After all, it won't take long for one of you to leap into the other's arms – will it?

Will The Conjuring 2 be this week's 'Wednesdate'? If so, click here to book your tickets, and don't forget to send in your scared responses @Cineworld.