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Our favourite Steven Spielberg family movie moments #TheBFG


This summer, master director Steven Spielberg brings us his eagerly awaited adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic novel The BFG and it's poised to be one of the year's most unforgettable family thrill-rides.

So on that note, we've delved into the archives and picked our selection of Spielberg's finest family movie moments.

Indy and the boulder

The movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark

The scene: As daring archeologist Indiana Jones picks up the ancient golden idol from its resting place, he hears a deep rumble as a giant, bone crushing boulder comes rolling towards him. It’s a brilliant start to the movie, setting up the kind of comic book-type adventure and scrapes that Indy would find himself in in the next three films.

"You are the Pan"

The movie: Hook

The scene: Not one of Spielberg's better efforts, this lavishly appointed Peter Pan story nevertheless features some genuinely magical moments, namely this scene where formerly uptight lawyer Peter Banning (Robin Williams) embraces the dormant hero inside him. Soaring to the strains of John Williams' thrilling score, it's a moment bursting with wide-eyed innocence.

The T-rex attacks

The movie: Jurassic Park

The scene: Is there any movie moment that demonstrates why Steven Spielberg is the master of cinema? While we were wowed by the CGI realism of the dinosaurs, it was his meticulous precision behind the camera that made this scene really work. The shaking of the water cup is a particularly brilliant flourish, and we frankly can't wait to see what cutting-edge CGI he'll come up with for The BFG.

The flying bikes

The movie: ET: The Extra-Terrestrial

The scene: There’s no better movie moment that feels as soaringly magical as this scene in Spielberg’s quintessential family film when Eliot and his friends ride into the sky on their BMXs. It’s such an iconic movie shot that Spielberg made it the logo of his independent film and TV company, Amblin. Fingers crossed that The BFG can bottle that very same sense of captivating magic.

We have made contact

The movie: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

The scene: Spielberg has admitted he'd change the ending of this sci-fi classic and that central character Roy Neary wouldn't go off in the spaceship abandoning his family. But it’s still a fantastic moment in this wondrous movie, when we witness the giant, light-studded alien ship for the first time and see Neary’s awe-struck expression.

Family reunion

The movie: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The scene: Though there was (and remains!) only a 12-year age gap between Harrison Ford and Sean Connery, the former James Bond proved perfect casting as Indy’s estranged father in the third Indiana Jones movie. This scene from the film’s closing moments is one of its most moving, as Henry Sr. finally shows his caring side.

Chasing the falcon

The movie: Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

The scene: You can feel the spirit of Indiana Jones in this exhilarating and gorgeous looking chase scene from Spielberg’s motion-captured adaptation of Herge’s comic book classic. Goodness knows the possibilities that The BFG will offer the director.

Farewell to Joey

The movie: War Horse

The scene: Unashamedly emotional and old-fashioned, Spielberg's adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's bestselling novel (itself adapted for the stage) piles on the melodrama but proves there are few directors better suited to crafting wholesome family entertainment. This poignant scene in which adopted Dartmoor horse Joey is sold to World War One infantry is a classic case in point.

What are your favourite family moments from Spielberg's career? Tweet your choices @Cineworld.

The BFG is released on 22nd July.