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6 reasons why Steven Spielberg's The BFG will make you cry (in a good way)


Are you of the opinion that it's seriously uncool to cry at the movies? Well, not when legendary director Steven Spielberg is concerned – he's been making us bawl our eyes out for decades, whether it's his heartrending alien masterpiece E.T. or a more recent tear-jerker like War Horse.

The Oscar-winning movie titan is back this July with his adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic children's novel The BFG, and early word from this year's Cannes Film Festival indicates its another emotional rollercoaster from the director who specialises in them. Here's why the movie promises to have you crying with joy...

1. It'll be a nostalgia trip for many viewers

At least one particular strand of the audience will likely to be weepy, simply because the Roald Dahl novel with which they grew up has finally arrived on the big screen. (A beloved TV version with the voice of David Jason arrived back in 1989.) Yes, Spielberg's latest will be bringing the nostalgic feels.

2. It's got a lovely message

Never read The BFG? No matter – you don't need to be familiar with it to be bowled over by its heartfelt and emotional message of friendship and solidarity. Reports from Cannes say Spielberg, along with late E.T. screenwriter Melissa Mathison, have stuck very closely to Dahl's original vision: a blend of scares, warmth and delightful whimsy.

3. It's an odd-couple duo who'll win your heart

As with Dahl's novel, the movie revolves around young orphan Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) who is snatched at the witching hour by the eponymous BFG (Big Friendly Giant, as played by Mark Rylance) and whisked to the land of the giants. There she discovers his remarkable ability to craft wondrous children's dreams, and an unlikely but deeply felt friendship begins. If any movie can make you care – and cry – about the relationship between a girl and a giant, it's this one.

4. Mark Rylance is sensational

The bulk of the Cannes reviews cite Bridge of Spies Oscar winner Mark Rylance as the movie's secret weapon: a longstanding veteran of the stage, Rylance is said to beautifully humanise his CGI character, bringing palpably human warmth and his distinctive facial expressions to the BFG. No mere collection of pixels, this is a character that you'll fall in love with and cause you to, yes, get a bit teary-eyed.

5. John Williams plays on our heartstrings... again!

The esteemed composer resumes his celebrated collaboration with Spielberg, following his absence from Bridge of Spies, and it sounds like he'll be delivering yet another classic score to the canon.

Says Variety's Peter DeBruge of the movie's showstopping dream creation sequence: "Aesthetically speaking, it’s a downright hypnotic sequence, giving longtime Spielberg collaborator John Williams the richest moment to heighten via a fully orchestral score that manages to enchant without relying so heavily as usual on a simple recurring musical theme."

6. It's Spielberg... enough said, surely?

Let's face it, no other contemporary director is as capable of conjuring awe as Spielberg. Whether it's the tenderness of E.T., the rollicking adventure of the Indiana Jones series, the revolutionary dinosaur effects in blockbuster Jurassic Park or something else entirely, Spielberg reminds us that crying in amazement is a very good thing indeed. 

Will The BFG be making you cry buckets this summer? Let us know @Cineworld. The BFG is released on 22nd July.