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The 5 funniest moments in the Men in Black franchise


Arriving in Cineworld cinemas on 14th June, Men in Black: International reboots the franchise with Thor: Ragnarok's power couple Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson in the lead roles. We'll see the brand new Agent H (Hemsworth) and Agent M (Thompson) travel the world in an attempt to thwart a spate of alien attacks.

Time will tell just how funny Men in Black: International is. In the meantime, we're looking back to the franchise's hilarious past to find its five funniest moments thus far. It's time to get reacquainted with original MiB agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones)…

5. Agent K's secret weapon room - Men in Black II (2002)

Agents J and K, with the Worms in tow, head back to K's old house. A totally bewildered family of three watch in shock as they barge in and open up a secret weapons room, grabbing all the equipment they think they need. Of course, the pair use a neuraliser that wipes the family's memories up until that point. K explains that they "did not see a room of shiny weapons, you did not see four alien nightcrawlers. You will cherish and love each other for the rest of your lives". J tells them that it "could be the next 27 to 28 minutes," so they "should get to loving and cherishing." Oh, she can have cookies and stay up late and stuff. The lack of music and understated performances make this scene even funnier when you consider what's at stake at this point in the movie.

4. Bowling Head - Men in Black III (2012)

After Agent J heads back into the past (it's a long story), he and a younger Agent K (played excellently by Josh Brolin) head to a bowling alley so they can talk to the boss. Once they get there, however, two employees stand in their way and they're not about to give away the boss's location so easily. These are aliens, of course. To get the information they need, they need to play it a little rough. By "it," we of course mean bowling. K rips the head off one of the aliens and asks if he's any good at bowling. J, of course, is all too happy to show him his skills. He finishes off the following 7-10 split with aplomb. See for yourself.

3. Agent J's first day on the job - Men in Black (1997)

We've all had nightmares about our first day at a new job. But nothing compares to Agent J's first day at the Men in Black offices. As K is showing him aroun, J spots a shiny floating ball. Of course, he touches it. He never would've expected what happened next. The ball is sent flying around the office, smashing just about everything in its path. Paperwork is sent flying, it doesn't stop destroying a, expensive-looking lab until it has all gone, and it hits into people just doing their jobs. What makes the scene particularly hilarious, however, is how Agent K reacts. Acting like nothing's happened, he simply catches the ball and says: "This thing… caused the 1977 New York blackout."

2. Delivering a baby - Men in Black (1997)

Early on in J and K's burgeoning friendship, they pull over a married couple driving erratically. The wife is pregnant. Things, though, aren't as simple as they seem: this is an alien couple. K leaves J to deal with the imminent delivery as he talks to the husband, Reg. "It's easy, you just catch," ensures K. Just as K begins to talk to the husband, a giant tentacle grabs J and starts throwing him around. Credit to Tommy Lee Jones's complete and utter stoney face during the delivery of the scene. As is often the case in these films, it is K's final line that completes the joke, said with a little pleased grin at his partner's work: "Congratulations Reg, it's a… squid."

1. 30 seconds to launch - Men in Black II (2002)

While there has been plenty of laughs throughout the Men in Black films, nothing lands quite as well as Agent J trying to claw his way out of a pile of plastic tubes. There is no memorable quote here, but a fine piece of physical comedy acting from Will Smith. It's near the end of the film, just as everything is reaching its climax. Agent J is fighting against a group of alien adversaries as a timer for an unwanted rocket launch is going off. Suffice to say, it's not going particularly well. Just as everything is starting to go his way, though, he is dropped into the middle of said tubing, 30 seconds before the launch commences. It's frantic, but hilarious stuff and you can just imagine the pain of being stuck in that situation.

Men In Black: International lands on 14th June, so tweet us your favourite MiB moments @Cineworld.