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Bad guys rule! The movie supervillains who totally need to work together #SuicideSquad


Suicide Squad finally tears onto screens this Friday in a blizzard of bad attitude as DC's most iconic supervillains form a reluctant alliance. However you can forget Harley Quinn and The Joker – we've come up with our own fictional supervillain team-ups that absolutely need to happen.

Blofeld and Hannibal Lecter

The films: You Only Live Twice and The Silence of the Lambs

The team: With his plans for world domination, Blofeld has all the resources at his disposal including a top-secret lair and more disposable henchmen than you can shake a secret agent at. However, we feel he'd be reluctant to get his hands dirty – enter Baltimore psychopath, doctor and all-round cultured lunatic Hannibal who could quite easily break down someone's psychological barriers and make them a pawn in Blofeld's grand scheme. Plus, Lecter can always cook for dinner.


Loki and Anton Chigurh

The films: The Avengers and No Country for Old Men

The team: Cackling God of Mischief Loki is all about subjugation – making humanity bow to his every command. And with his abilities to conjure multiple versions of himself, plus his magical sceptre, he's got all the tools to make a decent fist of his world domination plans. But what about those who refuse to bow to his will? Enter cattle-gun-wielding nutjob Anton who'd have absolutely no qualms about removing those pesky dissenters. And if he attempted to destroy Loki? Well good luck with that given the latter is, as we've mentioned a God in his own right.


Voldemort and Darth Vader

The films: Harry Potter and Star Wars

The team: Seriously, how much more evil a pairing can you get? The boy wizard's noseless nemesis is famed for his ruthless sense of evil and he has the formidable magic powers to be able to take over the world. But once Earth is conquered, where do you go from there? Enter wheezy and iconic baddie Vader who can establish an equally punishing dominion over the entire galaxy whilst protecting Voldey's assets from the lofty position of the Death Star as it circles the planet. Quids in.


Hans Gruber and Agent Smith

The films: Die Hard and The Matrix

The team: Think about it. If ruthless and suave terrorist Gruber was able to establish as much of a stranglehold over the human realm of Zion as he was the Nakatomi Plaza, all he'd need is a slippery second-in-command to sort out those looking to implode the Matrix from within. That's where Smith comes in: he can patrol the fictional reality and obliterate those looking to expose the Matrix for what it is, whilst Gruber can assert himself in the real world. Plus, they both share a penchant for sharp suits so they're clearly made for each other.


Bane and Freddie Krueger

The films: The Dark Knight Rises and A Nightmare on Elm Street

The team: A supervillain's job is made all the easier when their prey is physically and emotionally exhausted. With iconic Wes Craven figure Freddy invading people's dreams and compelling them to stay awake, he therefore would be doing a solid to beefy mercenary Bane who could finish off his worn-out enemies with ease. World domination would be in their sights – although of course there's nothing to stop Freddie from invading Bane's own mind... (Perhaps the muscles and incoherent mumbling would put him off.)


Which supervillains would you like to see working together? Let us know @Cineworld – and don't forget to book your tickets for Suicide Squad.