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Stranger Things: the 80s movie classics we spotted in the latest trailer


We're going stir-crazy for all things 80s at the moment – just look at the retro-infused nature of Marvel's upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, which screened last night to enthusiastic responses.

And it's not just the big screen that's embracing the decade of leg warmers and big hair. Arriving on 27th October is season 2 of Netflix smash Stranger Things, and as you'd expect its spine-tingling trailer is laced with all kinds of pop culture goodies.

So we thought we'd delve into the trailer and dig out some of our favourite references...


Who ya gonna call? Well if your small American town is being invaded by otherworldly, inter-dimensional beings there's only one gang of kids who can save the day (again). 

We're loving the shot of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) clad in his nostalgia-inducing Ghostbusters romper suit and proton pack. It's just a shame that his earlier venture into the Upside Down is about to come back and haunt him in a big way...

And here's a wider group shot in which we can see the whole gang, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) among them, clad in the much-loved costumes.


Technically John Carpenter birthed his classic horror franchise in 1978 but the Halloween movies continued into the 1980s and 90s, so hey, we're including it.

One simply doesn't have a depiction of small-town America without the menacing yet strangely comforting presence of Halloween – it's also been a mainstay in 80s-infused, retro gems like Dan Stevens thriller, The Guest.

The Shining

Due for a re-release in Cineworld this Halloween, Stanley Kubrick's classic horror gets a subtle yet impactful visual reference with this overhead shot of a car travelling down a road. True it's a wooded environment, as opposed to the movie's opening mountainous landscapes, but the comparison still stands.


No, there aren't any actual xenomorphs in the trailer but we've got Aliens star Paul Reiser present and correct as scientist Owens who's investigating Will's odd behaviour. Paul played slippery company man Carter Burke in James Cameron's classic sequel and we love how, with his casting, Stranger Things is honouring this piece of cinematic history.

Rambo III

That shot of what is presumably Dustin pulling on a bandana is a badass homage to Sly Stallone's introduction in the third Rambo movie. Nice to see that cheesy action favourites also get their moment in the sun. Plus, is that TV static in the background a possible reference to Poltergeist?


Steven Spielberg's blockbusting extraterrestrial classic made us forever fearful of shifty government agents clad in hazmat suits. This shot of someone (it may actually be David Harbour's Sheriff Hopper in disguise) emerging from clouds of smoke is immediately evocative of E.T.'s home invasion scene.

The Goonies

Fans of Steven Spielberg-produced, 80s family classics will get a real kick out of Goonies star Sean Astin's presence. He plays Bob Newby, a former schoolmate of Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Hopper (David Harbour), who now runs the Hawkins Radio Shack and becomes Joyce's boyfriend, putting him at odds with Hopper.

Did we miss any references from the Stranger Things trailer? Let us know @Cineworld – and get your 80s fix with Thor: Ragnarok, opening in Cineworld on 27th October.

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