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The spine-tingling first trailer for Stephen King's IT will give you serious nightmares


First published back in 1986, Stephen King's doorstop tome IT unleashed one of the author's most infamously terrifying creations upon the world: Pennywise the clown, a manifestation of childhood fear that blights the outwardly benign Maine town of Derry. When a group of young friends realise they must band together to defeat the monster, they don't realise it will have significant ramifications on their adult lives.

King's bestseller was famously adapted for TV back in 1990 with an unforgettably chilling Tim Curry bringing cackling mirth and malevolence to the role of Pennywise. However, that was then. Fast forward to 2017 and the story is getting its first-ever big screen treatment in two parts courtesy of director Andres Muschietti, director of 2013 horror hit Mama.

Donning the make-up and wielding the balloons as Pennywise is Bill Skarsgard, son of legendary Swedish actor Stellan, and although we only get brief glimpses of him in this first trailer it's enough to induce shudders. Plus, there's a real Stranger Things vibe to the casting of the kids, not least because one of the young stars of the latter, Finn Wolfhard, plays central character Richie Tozier. Check out the trailer below – if you dare!

So what do you make of that? Tweet us your responses @Cineworld and get ready for the arrival of Stephen King's IT on 8th September. Sweet dreams!