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Stephen King's IT: your guide to the terrifying horror saga


"Hiya, Georgie..." Back in 2017, those unassuming words heralded the big screen arrival of terrifying clown Pennywise.

The evil entity lies at the demonic heart of IT, the first blockbusting instalment of the horror saga based on Stephen King's 1986 novel. 

With IT CHAPTER TWO out now in Cineworld, we're bringing you up to speed on the author's complex and terrifying mythology.

How did Bill Skarsgard transform into Pennywise?

Actor Bill Skarsgard, son of acclaimed Scandinavian actor Stellan, did a formidable job living up to original Pennywise Tim Curry, who portrayed the character in the 1990 TV movie. 

Discover how Bill Skarsgard unlocked his inner Pennywise.

What are the scariest scenes from IT?

From the opening storm drain scene to that chilling showdown in the sewers, IT delivered more than enough scenes to chill the spine.

Discover the most terrifying IT scenes.

How does IT set up the events of IT CHAPTER TWO?

The rollercoaster ride that was It left us with many questions as to the next instalment. What was going to happen when the older Losers returned to Derry 27 years later to battle Pennywise again?

Find out how IT sets up IT CHAPTER TWO.

What IT scenes were deleted from the movie?

If you thought the finished film was scary, that's nothing compared to the It sequences that hit the cutting room floor...

Discover which scenes were deleted from IT.

What are the scariest movie clowns of all time?

Pennywise may dominate the field of most terrifying movie clowns, but he's far from alone, as our list makes clear...

Discover the scariest movie clowns that kept us up at night.

What are the scariest Stephen King monsters?

Picking the scariest Stephen King character of all time is tough, but someone's got to do it.

Find out who's the scariest Stephen King character.

What Stephen King books haven't been turned into movies?

He's one of the most adapted authors of all time, but amazingly there are some Stephen King stories that are yet to receive the big screen treatment.

Discover the Stephen King novels that haven't been adapted yet.

Who plays the grown-up Losers Club in IT CHAPTER TWO?

IT CHAPTER TWO hops between the older members of the Losers Club and their younger counterparts, and this paves the way for the arrival of some famous A-listers.

Discover the actors playing the older Losers Club members in IT CHAPTER TWO.

Which IT scenes from the book are appearing in Chapter Two that didn't appear in Chapter One?

The IT CHAPTER TWO trailers have sent us into paroxysms of fear and they also tease some important Stephen King moments that flesh out the Pennywise mythology.

Read our breakdown of the IT CHAPTER TWO trailer.

What did we learn from the final IT CHAPTER TWO trailer?

From the death of Adrian Mellon to the mysterious presence of Bob Gray, the final trailer for IT CHAPTER TWO promises all manner of unforgettable moments.

Discover the highlights of the IT CHAPTER TWO trailer.

What classic horror movies were released 27 years ago?

The passage of time plays an important role in IT CHAPTER TWO, as we realise Pennywise has spent the best part of 27 years plotting revenge against the Losers for defeating him. We decided, therefore, to cast our minds back the same period of time and ask: what horror films were unleashed 27 years ago?

Discover our list of classic 27-year-old horror movies.

7 terrifying Stephen King moments we hope to see in IT CHAPTER TWO

King's weighty IT tome comes to more than 1000 pages, and there are a multitude of memorably creepy moments that we want to see as the story comes to an end.

Discover the IT CHAPTER TWO scenes that we want to see.

Venture inside Pennywise's funhouse in IT CHAPTER TWO 360 Experience

Thought you were safe from Pennywise? This skin-crawling interactive experience dissolves the boundaries between you and cinema's scariest clown.

Are you brave enough to take part in IT CHAPTER TWO's 360 Experience?

Critics share first IT CHAPTER TWO reactions

Does the return of Pennywise signal an even greater film than before? Will our nightmares be forever invaded by blood-red balloons and all manner of other horrors?

Discover the IT CHAPTER TWO critical reactions.

The 7 most nerve-shredding scenes from IT

Get ready for another dose of seat-gripping Stephen King horror with a retrospective look at the first IT blockbuster.

Discover our choice of the 7 scariest IT scenes.

IT CHAPTER TWO director talks shocking opening scene

IT CHAPTER TWO begins on a disturbing note with the death of gay man Adrian Mellon – the catalyst for the Losers Club returning to Derry, Maine.

Discover what Andy Muschietti says about Adrian Mellon's death in IT CHAPTER TWO.

IT CHAPTER TWO: 5 reasons to see it on the big screen

The Losers Club faces its final battle with Pennywise in IT CHAPTER TWO, and it delivers more than enough monster movie mayhem to make for a spooky time at Cineworld.

Discover why you need to watch IT CHAPTER TWO on the big screen.

Read the IT CHAPTER TWO reviews

What's the verdict on Pennywise's return? Does the movie compare to its blockbusting predecessor?

Discover the critical reviews for IT CHAPTER TWO.

6 tips on how to best experience IT CHAPTER TWO

Gather your own Losers Club and select from a multitude of immersive viewing experiences at Pennywise returns to the big screen.

Find out how to maximise your IT CHAPTER TWO experience in Cineworld.

The IT CHAPTER TWO supercut scenes that we want to see

IT CHAPTER TWO director Andy Muschietti has been chatting about a possible supercut combining IT chapters one and two, plus deleted scenes and sequences that haven't even been shot yet...

Discover the IT CHAPTER TWO supercut scenes that we want to see.

IT CHAPTER TWO interview with director Andy Muschietti

How did Andy Muschietti plant the seeds of IT CHAPTER TWO in the first movie? Find out in our interview.

Watch our IT CHAPTER TWO interview with Andy Muschietti.

Celebrating Bill Skarsgard's terrific performance as Pennywise

Both IT movies hinge on Bill Skarsgard's superbly skin-crawling performance as Pennywise, and we're here to champion the actor's terrific work.

Read our celebration of Bill Skarsgard's performance as Pennywise.

Bill Hader's 9 greatest roles

We champion IT CHAPTER TWO scene-stealer Bill Hader by looking back at his myriad of memorable big screen appearances.

Discover our list of Bill Hader's greatest roles.

13 IT CHAPTER TWO soundtrack moments that made us scream and cry

IT CHAPTER TWO features another memorable score from Benjamin Wallfisch that ranges from the skin-crawling to the tear-jerking.

Discover the greatest IT CHAPTER TWO soundtrack moments.

When is IT CHAPTER TWO released?

IT CHAPTER TWO is on release now in Cineworld.

Will you be making a date with Stephen King again? Let us know @Cineworld.