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Your essential Star Wars news round-up


We've used the Force and gathered together the essential Star Wars news pieces from across the galaxy you need to know about.

The Last Jedi UK release may have been brought forward...

Now, hold your horses. This hasn't yet been officially confirmed by either Disney or Lucasfilm, but an intergalactic birdie has suggested that us Brits may in fact be treated to The Last Jedi a day earlier than the USA on 14th December.

The following tweet from HeyUGuys seems to indicate it's the case and it's not out of the question. Marvel's blockbusters routinely arrive on these shores before Americans see them but we'll keep you posted when it's confirmed.

Colin Trevorrow opens up about Carrie Fisher

We were rocked last year by the news that Princess Leia herself had passed away. Fortunately she had completed her filming for the next movie, The Last Jedi, but it presented something of a crisis for the ninth movie, to be directed by Jurassic World's Colin Trevorrow. He's been speaking about the difficulties of honouring her legacy.

"She was a major character, that's not a secret. She really was," he tells Cinemablend. "And it was extremely sad for all of us, mostly just because she was so loved by the Star Wars family and everyone that worked with her. I feel like our options are limited mostly by ourselves, in that there is only certain things that we are willing to do. But I can guarantee it will be handled with love and respect, and all of the soul that Carrie Fisher deserves."

Oscar Isaac got a slapping!

Not out of bad behaviour, of course. But reports say that there's one scene in The Last Jedi that required him to get hit by Carrie Fisher a total of 27 times.

"A large amount of the stuff I got to do was with Carrie, which was amazing," Isaac told Stephen Colbert. "I remember the first day of shooting was a scene with Carrie ... I remember it was a scene where I come up and talk with her, and she is very upset with me and slaps me... And Rian Johnson, the director, kept doing it over and over. I think it ended up being 27 takes of Carrie just leaning in."

What Star Wars news stories have grabbed your attention? Let us know @Cineworld.