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8 big questions we NEED the answers to in #StarWarsEpisodeVIII


With Star Wars anthology movie Rogue One now out in cinemas, the countdown can officially begin for the continuation of the episode series in the hotly anticipated (and as yet untitled), Star Wars Episode VIII, currently scheduled for release in December 2017.

With The Force Awakens, the Star Wars saga was very much back on form in the capable hands of Disney and director JJ Abrams. It completely blew us away, but it also left us with an awful lot of unanswered questions that we simply NEED the answers to...

What happened between Kylo Ren and Luke?

In The Force Awakens we find out that Kylo Ren was being trained by his Uncle (and Jedi Master), Luke Skywalker. Whilst we do know that somehow Supreme Leader Snoke was able to coax Ren over to the dark side, it is also unclear what happened between the two men to cause Ren to turn away.

Awakens ends with Kylo Ren reeling from the battle with Rey and Luke finally being discovered, so it is highly likely their paths may cross again in Episode VIII. Hopefully we’ll be able to find out exactly what happened between them.

What is Finn's story?

Before being rebranded as Finn, the ex-trooper of the evil First Order was known simply as FN-2187. Having been taken from his family at a very young age, he was brainwashed to be a killing machine, and weapon of the Order’s regime. However, something changed in Finn and he realised what he was doing was wrong, so he abandoned the First Order and joined the side of the good guys.

With very little known about Finn, we’re dying to find out just where he comes from and, more importantly, could he even be strong in the Force and become a Jedi? Not only did he choose the light side, but he was also pretty handy with a lightsaber, so it isn’t out of the question, and hopefully it’ll be addressed in the next instalment.

Are there other Jedi?

Whilst many believe the 'awakening' of the title is referring to Rey, it could also be referring to a re-awakening of the Force in general, and the resurgence of the Jedi! We know Luke is back on the scene, but could it be possible that he was also training others when he was training Kylo Ren, and that there’s a whole host of other Jedi out there just waiting for Master Luke to return? We seriously hope so, and anything which involves the potential for more lightsaber battles is okay with us.

Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?

Whilst the internet was rife with rumours that Snoke could in fact be the infamous Darth Plagueis, one of the most powerful of all the Sith lords, very little is actually known about the mysterious Supreme Leader. Having only been seen via giant hologram so far, it is unclear who he is, what his intentions are, and crucially, whether he will be an even bigger part of the stories to come. This is one big bad not to be messed with, but we can’t wait to find out even more about him.

What's in store for Rey and what's the truth about her parents?

The biggest topic of discussion for fans since The Force Awakens has undoubtedly been, "who are Rey’s parents?" With rumours ranging from her being Han and Leia’s daughter, or even Luke’s, or even a descendant of Obi-Wan Kenobi, this is a question we cannot wait to have answered.

Given The Force Awakens ended on a literal cliffhanger with Rey and Luke, it also left us with the burning question: will Luke now train Rey to be a Jedi? She is undoubtedly strong with the Force, but equally she needs a mentor to make sure she stays on the light path.

As Luke struggles with what happened to his last padawan, it will be interesting to see how everything plays out, and what is in store for our heroine.

Where did Maz Kanata get Luke's lightsaber from?

In The Force Awakens, she teases that it is "a story for another time", and it is a story we absolutely need to hear as soon as possible so we can have some answers! Let’s hope Episode VIII will solve the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of Luke’s lightsaber.

Who are the Knights of Ren?

Glimpsed in Rey’s flashback/flashforward and mentioned in passing, the mysterious band of Knights loyal to Kylo Ren left us with a lot of questions. Supposedly they were a group assembled by the Supreme Leader Snoke who used them as a tool of the dark side alongside the First Order.

It is highly likely we’ll see more of the Knights in films to become, especially amidst the resurgent Jedi movement, and perhaps even an epic showdown between the two sides. Definitely more answers needed on this one please!

And finally, what has Luke been doing on that island for all these years?

Aside from growing a pretty sweet beard, we’re dying to know what Luke has been doing for all his years in exile, how did he come to be on this island, and also why was there a map left in place to find him again?

Perhaps he had left the map himself, waiting for the rightful person - probably Rey - to find him again when the time was right. More than anything, we can’t wait to see Mark Hamill back in action. Just what will his first words to Rey be?!

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Sarah Buddery is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.