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Star Wars Celebration – what announcements can we expect from this year’s convention?


It’s only a month until this year’s Star Wars Celebration, a four-day celebration of everything Star Wars. It’s also the place that Lucasfilm have historically chosen to announce new projects and to premiere never-before-seen footage.

These are just some of the things that may – just MAY – be revealed at this year’s event...

A Last Jedi trailer?

Given that the first Force Awakens trailer dropped a whole year before the movie hit cinemas, then it means we’re well overdue a teaser for its follow-up, The Last Jedi. We know that a trailer has been shown for Disney shareholders, so we’re hoping that we can get our first glimpse of Rian Johnson’s space sequel this April (maybe with a bit of Luke Skywalker action!).

Anything on the new Han Solo movie

Given that the Han Solo movie is currently shooting (for a 25 May 2018 release date), then surely we’ll get our first glimpse of the hotly anticipated movie at the Celebration. A Making Of featurette maybe? A shot of Alden Ehrenreich in character perhaps? Dare we dream of some finished footage? We’ve got our fingers and toes crossed for this one.

More spin-off movie news? 

With Rogue One having been released last Christmas and Han Solo currently in production, fans’ eyes are looking to the NEXT spin-off film out of the Lucasfilm stable. We do know that Fantastic Four director Josh Trank was once involved in a third spin-off movie (rumoured to have been about fan favourite Boba Fett), but he left that project nearly two years ago, with no news of a replacement.

Will news of a Boba Fett movie be revealed or will we see an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie announced (Ewan McGregor has been tight-lipped recently regarding his possible involvement)? Or maybe even a third, as-yet-unrumoured option? A Jar-Jar Binks biopic, anyone?

A new TV show? 

Could Lucasfilm be eyeing up a live-action Star Wars TV series, to air alongside their animated hit Star Wars Rebels? Before Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, George Lucas was working on his own live-action (though heavily CGI-ed) series, entitled Star Wars: Underworld. Maybe this iteration of Lucasfilm be cooking up their own TV venture…? We hope so!

Star Wars Celebration takes place in Orlando, Florida, between 13–16 April.

What would you like to see announced at Star Wars Celebration? Tweet us @Cineworld