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Star Wars – 4 things that we want from the next trilogy


Lucasfilm have announced that, at some point after Episode 9 lands in 2019, the Star Wars series will continue with a NEW trilogy of movies, set in “a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored.”

Rian Johnson, who’s writing and directing The Last Jedi, will be in charge of shepherding these new movies to the screen. Here are some things that we want to see in the new trilogy...

Newness, but also callbacks

Before this announcement, there were theories that the mooted next trilogy of movies would still feature many of the characters introduced in The Force Awakens.

But that appears not to be the case.

Instead, Lucasfilm are taking us to a previously uncharted part of the galaxy, introducing us to a totally new slew of characters. Which begs the question, how Star Wars will it be? Will a new story, without the Empire or First Order, without the Resistance, without a Skywalker, without even the Force maybe, feel like Star Wars?

We’re thinking that, for it to be a legitimate Star Wars movie, it will have to include some callbacks to the previous trilogies, otherwise, well, it’s just another science fiction movie.

Unfettered Rian Johnson

Lucasfilm have shown, with their last two spin-off movies at least, that they’re very much a backseat driver, creatively, if things aren't going the way they want. But all signs are that they’ve left Rian Johnson to it with The Last Jedi, which shows a phenomenal degree of trust in the 43-year-old director.

That may explain why they’ve entrusted this new trilogy to him (Johnson will be mapping out the plot trajectory of the three films and will be directing the first one) and we can only hope they give him free reign to do it his way.

From what we’ve seen of it, The Last Jedi looks like it could be the richest, the darkest and the most adventurous Star Wars movie yet – we need more of that.

For it to remember its heritage

We don’t want Star Wars reimagined from top to bottom. These new films should remember that Star Wars is a family-friendly brand. We don’t want anything 15 or 18-rated, that’s suddenly dark or violent or sexy – that’s not Star Wars.

Do what you like as regards characters and planets and places, but keep the essential Star Wars DNA, of high adventure and of humour and of magic. Remember what George Lucas started.

Branch out

The main Star Wars films have had a rigid house style now for 40 years – John Williams music, wipe cuts, an opening scroll, the Force…

These films though are a chance for the franchise to tear up the old rule book (even Michael Giacchino on Rogue One was constrained by delivering a John Williams-like score) and make a new one, to freshen up its visual and aural grammar.

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The Last Jedi arrives at Cineworld on 14th December.