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Why you need to experience Spider-Man: Homecoming in IMAX


Tom Holland is about to swing onto our screens as Spider-Man, but for the ultimate immersive experience it has to be seen in IMAX – heres why

1. It will have your Spidey senses tingling

Eye-popping visuals, pristine sound and rumbling bass will combine to place you at the heart of the action as our favourite web slinger is back in action.

2. Its the perfect way to watch the first of a new Spider-Man trilogy

Tom Holland has already let it slip that this is the first of three new Spider-Man films on their way so youll want to follow all the action on the biggest screen possible.

3. Spideys got a new suit

Sporting a new suit designed by fellow superhero Tony Stark (aka Ironman) Spiderman has got a load of new tricks up his sleeve (quite literally!) – and a super-sized, crystal clear IMAX screen gives you the best possible opportunity to admire it for yourself.

4. See Tom Holland own the role

Tom has been busy preparing for the role, undertaking a rigorous exercise regime and perfecting his acrobatics. But to truly appreciate every gravity-defying swing, effortless back flip and vertigo-inducing fall, it has to be IMAX.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to book your IMAX tickets to see Spidey in action!