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Viewers tweet their first Spider-Man: Homecoming reactions!


As we gear up for the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, viewers who've already seen it have tweeted their reactions – and they're very positive indeed. In fact, they point towards this being one of the best Spider-Man movies so far, which is surely great news for the future of Tom Holland's wall-crawler.

Critic Erik Davis says it's a great Marvel Cinematic Universe debut for the character.

Devan says it's the perfect showcase for Holland who of course stunned in last year's Captain America: Civil War.

Jim Vejvoda praises the way it captures the teen angst of the character.

IGN comics editor Josh Yehl says the movie perfectly distills the essence of a classic Spidey comic.

And Mashable Movies writer Angie J. Han is another who praises the movie's blend of superhero action and high school drama.

Do you think we could have the next great Spider-Man movie on our hands? Send us your thoughts @Cineworld.