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Web of wonder! Spider-Man: Homecoming nets its first critical reviews


Expectations are sky-high for Spider-Man: Homecoming, the official feature length MCU debut for Tom Holland's wall-crawler. The first critical responses are in – and they're very good indeed. In fact, many of them point towards this being one of the best Spidey movies so far.

"News Flash: Tom Holland is the best movie Spider-Man ever," raves Pete Travers in Rolling Stone. "He finds the kid inside the famous red onesie and brings out the kid in even the most hardened filmgoer... It's no accident that Homecoming is the most fun when it's flying by the seat of its pants. There's a spontaneous charge to the film, a euphoric innocence, that makes it a much-needed antidote to stale franchise formula."

Benjamin Lee is similarly effusive in The Guardian: "The script’s smart decision to scale back on interacting with the entire cinematic universe is also well-matched with Watts’ pared back action sequences, which are noticeably less flashy and far more comprehensible than in other Marvel blockbusters. The film also plays with the superhero formula, avoiding backstory repetition and throwing in a killer twist near the end, leading to a surprising, seat-edge finale, a rarity within the genre."

Says Brian Truitt in USA Today: "The magic of Homecoming is that it belongs more to the John Hughes cinematic universe than the Avengers’. It cleverly references other Marvel films and even iconic scenes from previous Spider-jams, and right when it needs to, the story tosses out a big twist that ups the emotional stakes for Peter and brings his student and superhero lives crashing down on him."

"It’s arguably for the best that Watts doesn’t attempt to outdo the highly stylized web-slinging action of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in particular," writes Sandy Schaefer in ScreenRant, "and instead, brings Spidey more down to Earth in a semi-literal sense. This, in turn, better allows Homecoming to combine funny sight gags together with action-driven beats that are all the more tense because Holland’s Spider-Man isn’t as invulnerable as his predecessors sometimes were, while swinging around New York (despite the plethora of nifty gadgets that his “Stark Suit” has)."

How about that? Click here to book your tickets for Spider-Man: Homecoming and don't forget to send in your own responses @Cineworld. The movie is released on 7th July.