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New Spider-Man Tom Holland talks stunts – and confirms talk of a sequel!


Rising British star Tom Holland is the latest to take on the coveted role of web-slinging wonder Spider-Man. 9 months before he even makes his debut as the character in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom has confirmed that talks of a sequel are already in the works...

On Spider-Man 2...

Having wowed on stage in Billy Elliot and films such as powerful tsunami drama The Impossible, expectations are high for Tom to reinvent the character previously played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. And given that a second movie is already in discussion, is that a sign of sure-fire confidence in his portrayal? We'd like to think so.

"My next project, I can’t tell you about," he tells WWD, "but we’ve just finished Spider-Man and we’re talking about the second one and who the villain is going to be and where we’re going."

On his possible appearance in Avengers: Infinity War...

The first time we saw Tom as Peter Parker/Spidey was his winningly infectious appearance in this year's Captain America: Civil War. Despite having around 20 minutes of screen time it was pretty unanimous that he walked – or rather, web-crawled – off with the movie, nailing that cheeky sense of humour and innocence so vital to the character. But will he be back for the mammoth two-part Avengers movie Infinity War?

"It’s all up in the air," Holland tells Variety. "I believe some sort of deal is in the mix, but I’m unclear as to what that deal is."

Please, please please can the answer be yes...

On performing his own stunts...

You can't fail to have noticed that Tom's Instagram account is packed full of backflips and physical feats that earmark him as the perfect Spidey choice. And he's been discussing the challenges of embracing his own sense of Spider-Man heroism.

"I did as many [of the stunts] as I could, but there are some things legally that I couldn’t do," Holland says. "There were stunt doubles who were all very, very talented guys who really supported me throughout the process. Whenever there was a stunt that I didn’t necessarily feel comfortable about, they would step in and show my how to do it, and coach me through the process."

Spider-Man: Homecoming is released on 7th July 2017.