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Shortcuts: your essential round-up of the week's film news


The new Mummy trailer, the scariest movie clowns, the most unexpected movie cameos AND MORE! It's all here in your latest Shortcuts round-up.

Where does Spider-Man: Homecoming fit within the MCU?

We delve into the world of the new Spider-Man movie to find out how it fits into the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Why #DespicableMe3 is for big and really big kids too

Why the latest Despicable Me movie isn't just for the young 'uns.

Man v Ape! 5 unforgettable showdowns from the Planet of the Apes saga

With War for the Planet of the Apes on the horizon, we look at the epic inter – and inner – species conflicts from the saga.

Want a balloon? 12 nightmare-inducing movie clowns who kept us up at night

With Stephen King's It to hit Cineworld later this year, we take a look at the scariest movie clowns.

Experience new dimensions of Fast & Furious 8 in 4DX!

Click here to find out why the new Fast & Furious film is made for the 4DX experience.   

5 secrets we unearthed from the new Mummy trailer

Tom Cruise faces undead terror in this all-action reboot. Here’s what we’ve discovered.

Gary Barlow in Star Wars? The unexpected movie cameos that came out of nowhere

With the news that the Take That supremo is appearing in The Last Jedi, we thought we'd look back at some other surprise cameos…

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