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Our 7 favourite Olaf moments from Frozen


Disney have a track record with animated sidekick characters, but no-one expected Frozen’s summer-loving snowman Olaf to be such a sensation.

Voiced by Josh Gad, the delightful Olaf is back later this month in Frozen 2, as he joins Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) on their quest into the unknown to save Arendelle and discover Elsa’s past. The sequel looks packed with twists, adventures, songs and emotional scenes – but, of course, it also means more classic Olaf moments and one-liners.

Frozen 2 wouldn’t be a Frozen film without Olaf, so we’re counting down his seven greatest moments from the series so far...

1. When Olaf looks for Christmas traditions

Olaf proved such a hit, he got his own little movie back in 2017 called Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. In the film, Olaf is on the hunt for Christmas traditions to make Anna and Elsa feel better during their first Christmas in Arendelle.

In typical Olaf fashion, while knocking on other people’s doors he bursts into song, while also commenting on how weird and unsafe some of our traditions are – such as hanging a sock over a fire, decorating a dead tree and letting a man break into your home. Maybe he has a point…

2. When Olaf meets Anna and Kristoff

Olaf’s introduction in Frozen showed us exactly the kind of silly, fun snowman he is. Calling Kristoff a "funky-looking donkey" and with a habit of losing his body parts, he was immediately secured as a hilarious and loveable Disney character.

3. When Olaf sings about summer

Probably the most unusual thing about Olaf, apart from the fact he’s a talking snowman, is his obsession with summer. The joke is obvious, but it’s so sweet to see him sing so passionately about the warm season that we kind of want him to experience it.

4. When Olaf is impaled

No, we’re not being morbid – this scene is genuinely rib-tickling. If you didn’t laugh when Olaf was impaled by a giant icicle, then your heart must be frozen.


5. When Olaf and Sven fight over his nose

This scene wasn’t in the original film, aforementioned short film or short film sequel Frozen Fever. However, it was part of the Frozen teaser trailer released back in 2013 when we didn’t know all that much about the movie.

In the short and simple scene (which begins 20 seconds into the video below), Olaf loses his nose after sneezing – but has to fight Sven the reindeer to get it back. It’s charming and silly, but that final scene in particular is hilarious. We hope we see more of this unlikely friendship in Frozen 2.

6. When Olaf helps warm Anna’s heart

Even though he seems ditzy and naïve at first, Olaf is a loyal friend. This is demonstrated in Frozen when he offers to help Anna as she slowly freezes due to her frozen heart. He lights a fire and helps her sit by it, despite his snowy body melting. He sees the good in people and always puts others before himself – as Olaf says, "Some people are worth melting for."

7. When Olaf has to start babysitting

After the success of Frozen, which was the highest grossing animated film of all time until this year’s The Lion King beat it, a short film was released before Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella back in 2015 called Frozen Fever. In the short film, Elsa tries to plan Anna’s birthday party while fighting a cold.

Having magical abilities linked with the cold and ice, each time Elsa sneezes a little ‘snowgie’ (small baby snowman) appears. By the end of the short film, there are hundreds of them and Olaf happily takes on the role as their caregiver. We want one!

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Nadine Shambrook is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.