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Secret Unlimited Screening 12 was Crawl – discover the reactions


Last night, we were delighted to present our 12th Secret Unlimited Screening in the form of killer alligator movie Crawl.

Skins and Pirates of the Caribbean actor Kaya Scodelario plays aspiring University of Florida swimmer Haley, who finds herself in deep water when a devastating category five hurricane hits the state. But her problems are only just beginning – the disaster has led to an infestation of flesh-eating monsters, and both Haley and her dad are trapped inside their submerged house with them.

The movie is directed by Switchblade Romance and The Hills Have Eyes film-maker Alexandre Aja, and has been praised by critics as a rip-roaring, relentless creature feature that's perfect for the summer season.

Even more importantly, what did Unlimited members make of it? We'll start with this from Stephen who says there's plenty to chomp down on.

Lynda thinks there are more than enough shocks in the movie to go around.

Garry believes that when appreciated as a silly creature feature, the movie works a treat.

Lee's pithy description of the movie says it all.

Suzi says it's not the sort of movie she would normally watch – fortunately the gamble paid off.

On the other hand, SpoonLamp says the need to suspend disbelief became too much.

And Craig says the movie is a mixed bag and has some advice for those who see the title...

Anyone else who was at last night's screening can tweet us their reactions @Cineworld and using #CineworldUnlimited.

Crawl goes on general release on 23rd August – those who didn't get to attend last night can check out the trailer below.

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