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The greatest British monarchy movies #RoyalWedding


So it's official: Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle have officially announced their engagement, which means we're due to get a royal wedding next spring.

To mark the occasion we've rounded up the essential British monarchy movies for your reading pleasure.


Released: 1998

The monarch: Queen Elizabeth I

The movie: Cate Blanchett delivers a barnstorming, star-making turn as one of Britain's most formidable rulers in this fast-paced and violent historical drama, one tracing Elizabeth's ascent to the throne amidst a backdrop of great turmoil. Director Shekhar Kapur takes considerable liberties with historical fact but the conviction of Blanchett's performance, as well as that of co-stars Christopher Ecclestone and Geoffrey Rush, is never in doubt.

Mrs Brown

Released: 1997

The monarch: Queen Victoria

The movie: Sensitively exploring the twilight years of this legendary British monarch, Mrs Brown became a global hit for the way it opened audiences' eyes to the more intimate side of the British monarchy. In a role that helped secure her popularity Stateside, the estimable Judi Dench is typically outstanding as Victoria who enters into a platonic relationship with footman John Brown (Billy Connolly, superb) after the death of her husband Albert.

The Madness of King George

Released: 1994

The monarch: Queen Charlotte

The movie: Although the main thrust of this acclaimed Alan Bennett adaptation focuses on the steady mental deterioration of ruler King George III (a career-topping Nigel Hawthorne), the show is quietly stolen by the equally brilliant Helen Mirren as Queen Charlotte, compelled to look on helplessly as her husband slides ever further into insanity. 

Mary, Queen of Scots

Released: 1971

The monarch: The clue's in the title

The movie: A fictionalised account of the tension between the eponymous Scottish Catholic Queen Mary (Vanessa Redgrave) and her sister Elizabeth I (Glenda Jackson), this is nevertheless a moving and sumptuously mounted account of a tragically curtailed life. In reality, the two never met but the performances are superb and there's a typically lovely, lilting score from the great John Barry.

The Queen

Released: 2006

The monarch: Queen Elizabeth II

The movie: The gold standard of monarchy movies, this candid, humorous and sprightly look at the Royal family's widely criticised response to Princess Diana's death is crowned by a regal Helen Mirren as Elizabeth herself. Not only assimilating our current Queen's look and mannerisms to an uncanny degree, Mirren also exposes the emotional uncertainty lurking behind the Royal facade; a profoundly human portrayal of a British icon.

Victoria & Abdul

This year Judi Dench returned to her celebrated role as Queen Victoria in this cosy and wholesome period drama, picking up with the ailing monarch in her later years. Exploring the ruler's close friendship with manservant and 'munshi' (language teacher) Abdul Karim (Ali Fazal), it's the sort of movie that goes perfectly well with crumpets and a cup of tea.

What are your favourite monarchy movies? Send in your suggestions @Cineworld and using #RoyalWedding.

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