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Who's that guy? We profile Rogue One's Diego Luna


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is – whisper it – out this week, and is rammed with more superb actors than the Death Star is filled with disposable henchmen. Chief among them is Mexico's finest Diego Luna as brave rebel Cassian Andor – here's a still in case you need prompting.

If you've literally just cried out, where have I seen that face before, don't worry, we're here to help.

He has a Harry Potter connection

No, he wasn't in any of the movies, or indeed Fantastic Beasts, but Diego made his name in Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron's Y Tu Mama Tambien. Nominated for an Oscar back in 2001, it's the raunchy, hilarious and poignant story of two teen friends who set off on a road trip with an older woman in search of the perfect beach. Don't worry, his Rogue One role is much more family-friendly.

He's also appeared opposite Tom Hanks...

... In Steven Spielberg's 2004 comedy The Terminal, in case you're wondering. Diego played airport worker Enrique, who helps out Hanks' befuddled character Victor.

He's also turned his hand to directing

In 2010, Diego made his acclaimed feature film debut with Abel, the offbeat tale of a young boy who finds the boundaries between fantasy and reality blurring. It was nominated for several Ariel Awards in the actor's native Mexico and the actor in fact won one for his screenplay.

However, you probably know him best for Sean Penn Oscar-winner, Milk

He played Jack Lira, the on-screen partner of Penn's eponymous Harvey Milk.

His Rogue One character most certainly is not Han Solo

Put such comparisons out of your mind. "I think Cassian is just Cassian and that is the beauty of playing this role, that I had freedom to start from scratch," he tells Bustle.

Don't miss Diego and the rest of the incredible cast in action. Click here to book your tickets for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, opening this Thursday.