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5 reasons why Rogue One: A Star Wars Story needs to be your 'Wednesdate' movie!


You may have noticed that the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, is on release now, so here's why you need to make it a couple's night and return to a galaxy far, far away...

Forget staying in with a box set – this is the big screen!

Truthfully, how often do you guys both manage to find an evening off to go and see the new Star Wars movie together? Plus, now Planet Earth II has finished, is there anything you really need to watch at home? We thought not.

It's what the cinema experience was made for

Monsters and Godzilla director Gareth Edwards brings a gritty war movie aesthetic to this first in the Star Wars 'anthology' movies, offshoots from the main saga storyline. But rest assured it's a visual and audio experience to die for, bursting with amazing effects (watch out for the Death Star's first reveal) and Michael Giacchino's rollicking score. Bust out the popcorn, sit back and escape for two hours.

Now is the time to convert the non-fan in your life

If one half of you has traditionally been a bit sniffy about the saga, then Rogue One's somewhat more serious and mature tone may be the answer, as well as the gateway to the rest of the series. In its story about the rebels who fight valiantly to steal the plans for the Death Star, it has a more bittersweet, bleak and intriguing tone than we've come to expect, which should help in getting your reluctant other half to emotionally invest in the movie. Consider it a challenge. They'll convert from a padawan to a Jedi in no time.

Soak up the nostalgia!

We've addressed the series newbies above, but we're talking to the die hard fans here. If a love of Star Wars is something you both share, then don't miss your chance to lap up the classic Star Wars iconography on the biggest screen you can find. It's not just the fearsome Darth Vader who appears either – the movie is dotted with cameos and references both overt and covert that will make the cinema experience special.

Unlimited member? The Force is strong with you!

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