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Grab your cool Rogue One: A Star Wars Story cup and topper in Cineworld


Grab your cool Star Wars Rogue One items in Cineworld now!

In conjunction with the eagerly awaited release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on 15th December, we've got a cool selection of collectable Star Wars-themed cups, toppers and buckets. There are five different toppers to collect (Darth Vader / Death Trooper / Shore Trooper / K-250 / Jyn Erso) four different cups and buckets (£5/£8) and 3 aluminium bottles*, all inspired with characters/images from the movie. Is this the Star Wars offer you've been looking for? We're sure it is.

So how do you set about collecting? Simple! Buy any regular or large '2 for', Family Special or a Munchbox (including Movies for Juniors) and you can purchase a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story cup and topper for only £1.50 or a bucket for £3. Cups and buckets can also be purchased without an offer for £3 or £6.

This intergalactic offer is available whilst stocks last and includes all Cineworld cinemas except for Cheltenham Screening Rooms.

So don't delay! Make like a Tie-Fighter pilot and ensure you pick up your Star Wars cup and topper in Cineworld. And may the Force be with you. 

*In selected cinemas only