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Dwayne Johnson goes ape in new Rampage trailer


Dwayne Johnson has got a monster of a problem on his hands in the new trailer for Rampage.

The affectionately remembered 1980s arcade game gets a slick 21st century makeover in this roaring action fest that reunites Johnson with his San Andreas director Brad Peyton. Updating the pixelated 8-bit source material with a host of glossy CGI effects, it casts the actor as primatologist Davis Okoye whose friendship with white gorilla George is threatened when the latter is exposed to a biological toxin, and grows to King Kong levels of enormous.

Problem is, the oversized George isn't the only monster in town... A corporate conspiracy is about to unleash mutated flying wolves and more besides, threatening the whole of America as a result. It falls to Davis and geneticist Dr Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) to both save George and save the day.

Check out the trailer below – and don't forget this isn't the only Dwayne Johnson action spectacle on offer this year. He can also be seen in the Super Bowl trailer for this summer's Skyscraper by clicking right here. In the meantime, Rampage is released on 13th April.