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11 unbelievably manly moments from Arnie action classic Predator


"If it bleeds, we can kill it." Shane Black's action reboot The Predator arrives next year but we've got some even more seismic news: Arnie's original 1987 classic is getting a 30th anniversary re-release this Thursday.

Before you turn around and tell us to "get out", we've compiled the unbelievably masculine moments that helped transform it into a legendary movie.

1. Arnie's cigar

Because... why not? It's the perfect, economical introduction to his badass character Dutch, and the thundering timpani rhythms of Alan Silvestri's score only heighten the testosterone.

2. Too many pencils!

Candidate for the most gratuitous arm wrestling shot in movie history? Who cares? It's beefcake badassery at its best as Dutch and Dillon (Carl Weathers) make a long-overdue reunion.

3. Ol' Painless

As wielded by Blain (played by eventual Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura), this devastating minigun is the characteristic of Dutch's hardass crew as they head into the jungle to retrieve some important missing people. But of course whilst they're there, something else rears its head...

4. Keep on trucking...

Who else but Arnie could singlehandedly lift up a vehicle and send it, loaded with explosives, into a guerilla stronghold?

5. If it bleeds...

You know the rest. As danger starts to loom for Dutch and his team, they refuse to let the pressure show. What a team.

6. Setting the trap

As Dutch, Dillon and the rest of the guys prepare to ensare the invisible Predator, whose physical appearance has yet to be revealed, Silvestri's thunderously exciting score enhances both the bravado and sense of suspense.

7. Billy's last stand

One of the most chilling – and awesome – moments in the movie comes when tracking expert Billy (Sonny Landham) stands to face the deadly Predator as his team flees, barechested and with knife in hand. He ultimately loses - but hey, can't knock a tough guy for trying.

8. Disguised

One of the great things about Predator is how it strips Arnie of his weapons for the knuckle-chewing final showdown. It's set up by this unforgettably tense moment in which Dutch discovers he can disguise himself from the creature's heat-seeking technology by slathering on the mud.

9. Hand to hand

Few Arnie moments are as viscerally powerful as the scene where he uses the jungle to his advantage to defeat the Predator. That visceral war cry still gives us thrills.

10. One ugly...

For a truly spine-tingling reveal, you can't beat the ultimate unveiling of the late Stan Winston's wonderfully hideous monster. Even so, it's Arnie's attitude-laden response that steals it.

11. Going out with a bang

Having beaten the Predator with his handmade traps, Dutch's final question, "What the hell are you", is met with a sardonic response and a mini-nuclear explosion as a form of farewell. But of course he outruns it.

Because, you know, this is Arnie. And it's Predator, one of the manliest movies ever made. Darn it, where did we put our protein shake?

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